Cowboy Boots for Fall 2021

Wearing: Knitted Cardigan (similar here and here) and Rebecca Minkoff Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are making a comeback this Fall. You can already see them on celebrities here and there and in designer collections such as Isabel Marant. Although this trend already resurfaced in 2018-2019, it was short lived and didn’t really stick around for long. But perhaps the timing will be better this season and these western style boots will gain more momentum. Time will tell. Would this be a trend you are willing to experiment with? If so, share your looks with us in our Facebook Group!

Kendall Jenner is wearing a vintage pair of cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots Rebecca Minkoff

I first tried this trend in Fall of 2018 as part of our Style Challenge and was instantly hooked. Maybe a part of me was reminiscing Jessica Simpson’s remake of “The Boots are Made for Walkin'” or the comfort level really stole my heart, but I bought two pairs of western boots that season and wore them to pieces. This year, I think I will give it a shot again. Something about walking in cowboy boots really soothes my soul. Maybe it’s the burning desire to leave New York and move somewhere more south and west. But since that isn’t in the cards just now, western boots will have to do the trick!

Take a look at a few Cowboy Boots I picked out this season:


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