Rebecca Shoykhet

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Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca Shoykhet, and I am a contributor for EasilyDressed.
Everyone has a favorite part of their day. For some, it’s the moment they come home from a long day’s work. For others, that moment is when the first sip of coffee hits their tongue in the morning. For me, the favorite part of the day is getting dressed and putting together my outfit.
Seems so simple, right? What many people overlook about this small part of their day, is that this is the moment you decide who you want to be. Your outfit will say a lot about you, it lets you speak before you’ve even had the chance to open your mouth.
Over the past few years I have worked at several fashion companies such as Elie Tahari, Rebecca Minkoff, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors. In 2018, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Currently, I am getting my second degree in Chemistry. Although my career choices have taken a turn, my love for fashion has never died.
In my spare time, I love finding the best designer deals and keeping up with the latest trends. I look forward to sharing with you my interesting finds and making getting dressed – easy!

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