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Recent purchases from Walmart Fashion:
Striped Sweater / Jeans / Boots / Bag

One of the most fun aspects of my job is constantly trying on and exploring new things. It’s not just the clothes I get to wear, but the whole process of scouting new locations for photo shoots, gathering inspiration to create new outfits and, most importantly, always being on the lookout for emerging trends and directions.
Part of that is actively listening to my team and my audience for what they want and need. I am lucky to have a tremendous amount of feedback at my disposal and here are some of the things that have been requested of me lately:

  • Quality items at affordable prices.
  • Something unique.
  • Clothes to fit everyone, not just the size 0 models.
  • Practical items that look good in everyday settings, not just fit for a photo shoot.
  • Free shipping & Free, convenient returns.

Surprisingly, there is not too many retailers that can fulfill all of those requests. But this past month since our last challenge was announced, Walmart has really come under my radar. I realized that it’s the place that can satisfy all of the above demands.

Sandals from Walmart

Because of it’s vast resources and thousands of suppliers, Walmart Fashion has everything you could possibly need when shopping for clothes. There is a huge selection of budget friendly yet trendy items.

Budget Friendly Walmart Fashion

There are brands typically found at department stores, such as Lucky Brand, H Halston, Karl Lagerfeld Paris, Circus by Sam Edelman and many more.

Premium Brands:

And there are luxury finds, from pre-loved Hermes and Chanel to brand new Gucci, Fendi, Celine and other coveted high-end names! There is also a selection of high end beauty products, many priced below the usual MSRP!

High End Brands

Best part is that most of these items are available with FREE 2-day shipping and can be returned free of charge as well! In fact, the few items that I did need to return out of my previous order were credited back to my card even before I sent them out!

My Look for Day 9 of our most recent Fashion Challenge:
Sweater / Jeans / Gold Sneakers / Bag

I’m a very skeptical and experienced shopper. It takes a lot to satisfy my expectations and even more to convert me into a regular buyer.

Thanks to the #WeDressAmerica campaign recently launched by Walmart and to the convenience they provide, they have definitely got my vote to shop Walmart Fashion!

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Everything I Bought and Loved from Walmart Fashion this month:


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