20 Amazon Best Sellers You Need in Your Life


20 Amazon Best Sellers You Need in Your Life

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There are millions of us out there and if you haven’t joined our clan yet, it’s about time. Not only do Amazon Prime members get the best service, fastest shipping and tons of convenient perks, but we also get one dedicated day a year when we can shop the best bargains Amazon has to offer at exclusive, members-only prices. Sometime in the second week of July, we get about 30 hours to shop pop-up Lightning Deals. There are so many products to shop for that you can legitimately take a day off to hunt them down and take advantage of all these offers. To make your job a bit easier, I rounded up 20 Amazon Best Sellers. Some of these I use on regular basis and others are waiting their turn in my cart. Take a look below and let me know in comments if you have anything to add to this list!




10 Things on Amazon that Every Woman Should Know About:


1. Anti Cellulite Leggings

To be honest, I’d rather lay down with a book than run a mile any day of the week. Luckily, I have a small and very active child who keeps me on my feet all day. To maximize the usefulness of all this running around, I often wear heat maximizing anti cellulite leggings on our outings. They are neoprene capris with a snug fit and bio-ceramic technology help me burn calories faster, smooth out the skin on my legs and reduce appearance of cellulite. The results become noticeable after just a few wears. Be prepared to sweat in these like you have never before, especially if out in the sun! (Even my sneakers get drenched!!)))

Amazon Best Sellers - Delfin Spa Anti Cellulite Leggings


2. Menstrual Cup

Ladies, let’s talk about our period. It’s 2017 and the age of pads and tampons is coming to an end. There are too many toxins in these things and horror stories of toxic shock syndrome are creeping all over the Internet. The new thing on the market is the Menstrual cup. Although I was hesitant to try it at first, I am now glad I did. It is much less hassle than tampons. It leaks less, costs less and is healthier for you. The adjustment might take a period or two to get used to but the switch is definitely worth it. If you are prone to leaks, period pains and yeast infections, I really suggest you give this contraption a shot.


3. Monistat Chafing Cream

When I was pregnant I swelled up like a balloon and encountered a problem I knew nothing about before – chafing. For those unfamiliar, it is a fire-like sensation in your crotch which results from your thighs rubbing against each other. Add that to the list of pregnancy miseries (which can persist loooong past pregnancy too!) Luckily, there is a cream for that, which not only prevents chafing but also helps soothe the already-existing rash. Life saver!

Amazon Best Sellers - Monistat Chafing Cream


4. Waterpik

Dentist visits are a pain – they cause pain, they leave you with pain and then more pain comes in the mail in the form of a bill. To make this pain less frequent, take care of your teeth with a Waterpik. This nifty little gadget mimics a dental cleaning and should be used nightly to clean your teeth with a pressurized water stream. This was recommended to me by my dentist to prevent cavities and improve the health of your gums.


5. Waist Trainer

If you want an hourglass figure but gym isn’t your favorite spot to hang out, give waist training a try. This corset instantly gives you a seductive shape and helps you train your waist to maintain that figure. This is also a postpartum must have and helped me tremendously to get my stomach back nearly to the same shape it used to be before pregnancy.


Amazon Best Sellers Ring Light for Selfies6. Ring Light for Selfies

Have you ever wondered how your favorite beauty bloggers get such amazing photos? Besides layers of make up and what appears to be flawless skin, there is one very important component for a perfect picture – great lighting. This clip on light attaches to the top of your phone and provides just the right amount of light aimed at you in a ring in order to avoid creating any unwanted shadows. This is a must have for any selfie addict and beauty professional.




Amazon Best Sellers Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask

7. Masks

Amazon is my go to spot for certain beauty products and I get nearly all my masks there. Some of my favorites are Carbonated Clay Mask (it bubbles!!), Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask (to clean pores and tighten the skin) and Kerastase Hair Mask (to nourish the hair)


8. Milani Brow Fix Palette

For some reason, I can never find this palette in stores so I buy it on Amazon. This is the most natural looking shade for my brows (I get it in Light) and literally saves the day when I don’t have time to go for a threading appointment.


9. Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid combination is a must have to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of your skin. I use this formula which is the top rated one on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews.



Amazon Best Sellers Seche Vite10. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I can never sit still for a long enough time after a manicure (I can barely sit still through the manicure itself!!) so this Top Coat is a necessity in my life. It literally dries in two minutes and keeps my nails chip-free longer.





Five Amazon Best Sellers Every Mom Needs:


1. Bio Oil Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of the top concerns of every pregnant woman. This oil is one of the top rated products on Amazon to prevent and lessen appearance of stretch marks. .

2. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water

These gripe water drops were a lifesaver for when my son was a newborn and had tummy aches!

3. Manuka Honey

Just like the Elderberry supplements, this is a must have for any mommy trying to boost their kids’ immune system or to prevent an oncoming cold.

Bach Rescue Remedies - Amazon Best Sellers4. Bach Rescue Remedy Stress Relief

We all come to a point when we need to take a deep breath and wait for our blood pressure to go down. For me, these moments come most often when I work from home and constantly get distracted. To help battle the stress and aggravation, I have a tin of Rescue Remedies on my desk to help me find that zen in the most chaotic situations. This homeopathic stress relieving solution also comes in a spray (so you can literally spray your worries away 😉

And on the days when you need a little bit more peace and calm, try Natural Vitality magnesium + calcium powder supplements.

5. No-Ad 50 DPF Sunscreen Stick

I recently discovered a simple and easy way to apply sunscreen to a face of a squirmy toddler. It comes in a stick and makes absolutely no mess and has little chance of getting in his eyes. This is a must have for the summer!

For the rest of the child, I use this spray-on sunscreen for fast and thorough application.


For Your Home:


Amazon Best Sellers Banana Hook1. Banana Hook

If your bananas aren’t hanging I don’t know what you’re doing with them. This is the best way to keep them fresh for as long as possible and it costs under $10 on Amazon.

(When installing this hook, make sure not to hand anything on it for 24 hrs like it says in the instructions to allow it to fully stick to your wall/cabinet.)


2. Shark Steam Mop

I always used a spray mop to clean my floors. But when my son started crawling, I began to worry about spraying chemicals on the floor so often. So I found an alternative – a steam mop which kills 99.9% bacteria without any chemicals at all. It uses water which it heats up to create steam. It’s great for daily cleaning and works on many surfaces – I even clean the tiles on my bathroom walls with it! It doesn’t require any reusable pads like the spray mop – the pads it comes with are washable. Zero waste and zero chemicals – win win 🙂

Amazon Best Sellers Roomba Cat

3. Roomba

And for when you don’t want to push the mop around or your simply looking for something fun to do with your cat, Roomba is the perfect thing to splurge on. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this magical device that cleans your house all by itself.

Amazon Best Sellers Toothbrush Holder4. Toothbrush Saver

One day, I spent more time on the Internet than I should have and came across a post about how much bacteria there is in your bathroom and how all of it settles on your uncovered toothbrushes. So immediately I found a cover for my brushes on Amazon, which conveniently comes with a toothpaste saver – a little device that dispenses toothpaste and squeezes every last drop out.



Amazon Best Sellers Ghost Chair

5. Ghost furniture

Clear, see-through furniture has been a recent trend in home decor. When we moved a few months ago, I was looking for a chair to go in my bedroom next to my vanity and decided to go with a ghost chair and I’m happy I got it! Besides being super cool to look at, the first awesome thing about it is that it arrives in a humongous box, fully assembled. Second, great thing is how comfortable and sturdy it is. Totally happy with this buy!

Amazon Best Sellers Closet Doubler


6. Closet Doubler

Most New Yorkers know the pain of tight spaces. We come up with all sorts of creative ways to fit into our apartments with our evergrowing amount of stuff. If, like me, you know the struggle of living with a small closet when you have a large wardrobe, you definitely need a space doubling bar. This bar hangs from your clothing rod to create a second level for your clothes to hang. This is a must have because the reason many of us don’t have anything to wear in the morning is because our clothes are so crammed together we simply can’t see them. So add more space!


7. Vegetable Dicer

I didn’t know I need this thing until I started making breakfast quesadillas for my family. All that slicing and dicing early in the morning is the last thing I want to do when I open my eyes. Luckily, the vegetable dicer cuts everything in nice and even cubes and slices much better than I could any time of day.


Know of any other cool products on Amazon?

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