Lana Goland

Contributor to our Fashion & Kids Groups since 2020

Hi all, my name is Lana Goland. I am the new addition to the EasilyDressed Family and I am eager to start! 

A little bit about myself. I was born In Tashkent, Uzbekistan. My family and I immigrated to the states in November of 1997. Moving to a new country without knowing the language or having any friends was rough. Luckily for me, I was able to rediscover my identity through fashion. 

I have always been a mini fashionista-all thanks to my mama! Because of her boldness in style, I was able to express myself; therefore creating little cliques and even becoming a part of the fashion club in high school.

My senior year of High School, I enrolled in an interior design class, thinking it would be just an easy “A.” I think this is truly where the flame for fashion was lit! I would stay after school and work with my teacher one on one to create extra pieces. I loved the way everything would come together- from furniture in the dining room, to new line of Fall collections. 

Parallel to my passion for fashion, I also love working with children. There is something so fulfilling about watching them grow and succeed. My love for kids outweighs the love for design and I ended up graduating with a BA in Elementary education. A few years after graduating college, I bumped into my, now, husband of 7 years. Our story is short and sweet (reach out if you’d like to hear more-the story is a true story of faith and destiny!) 

We are now happily married and have three beautiful children-a girl and two boys! I am one lucky mama! My children are my world; because I didn’t want to miss any of the little milestones of my little people, I kissed my career goodbye and stayed home with them until they were ready to go to daycare. In the midst of the daily craziness, I was able to re-discover my love for fashion and I did it through the eyes of my children! I combined the two things I love the most and couldn’t be happier.

I became a shopaholic and a true one at that! My favorite things to look for are deals on children’s clothes! I always stay on top of the new fashion trends, and of course, add a little “me” into the mix! You want to find good deals and stay within the budget? Well, then I’m your girl! 

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