We Are Hiring!!!

Do you like searching for great deals and new products online?

EasilyDressed is your opportunity to earn extra income while helping others shop and look their best!

Join our Facebook Group as a Moderator and get paid for sharing your style!

EasilyDressed and its subgroups are online communities dedicated to answering Questions from real people. We help women feel beautiful and find the right pieces for their closets – at the best prices possible!
We are rapidly growing with over 21K members and are searching for more talented, creative individuals to help us run our groups.
    • If you love social media, are passionate about shopping and want to help others – all while earning a little extra spending cash, then this is the perfect job for you!
    • All positions are commission-based, powered by affiliated marketing.
      We are not a direct sales or an MLM company.
    • Work on your own schedule as part of a great team!

Below are the positions we are currently looking to fill:

  • Fashion Group Moderator
  • Plus Size Contributor
  • Home Group Moderator

Group Moderators:

Moderators are allowed to create content, promote sales, answer posts and post a minimum of 2 promotional posts a day (up to 6). There is no fixed schedule but moderators can expect to work at least 2-3 hours a day to consistently post content and engage with group. Tasks include:

  • Answering incoming questions from other group members including where to find an item, how to wear it best, suggestions on what to buy and so on.
  • Creating and posting sales announcements and engaging content.
  • Creating website content and LTK posts.
  • Growing the group by adding new members.
  • Maintaining order in the group.
  • Finding advertisers to promote in the group.


  • Excellent written communication skills in English.
    Foreign languages, in particular Russian – a plus!
  • Attention to details and a fast learner.
  • Computer literacy – social media, in particular Facebook, Image editing, Search techniques.
    WordPress, Pinterest, Canva, SEO knowledge a plus!
  • Some photography/selfie skills
  • Being within reach of a computer, high speed internet & smart phone.
  • Proficient in online research (google reverse image search, keywords, fashion search engines, great fashion vocabulary)
  • Understanding of affiliated marketing and social media influence.
  • A minimum of 500 friends on Facebook.
  • A member in all 5 of our Facebook Groups.
  • At least 4 years of experience in US online shopping.


To apply as a Moderator, please email admin @ easilydressed . com  with the following:

  1. Name
  2. City, State
  3. How did you first hear about EasilyDressed?
  4. What do you currently do with your day? 
  5. What is your current or most recent employment? 
  6. What is your educational background?
  7. What are your availability hours? Please note that this position may require at least 3 hours of your time a day. Weekends can be very active for us so being ready & willing to work Sat & Sun is a plus. 
  8. Which of our groups are you interested in working in?
  9. Link to Your Instagram
  10. Link to Your FB Profile
  11. Which stores would you recommend to a friend when shopping for a formal dress?
  12. Which stores your you recommend when shopping for a wool coat?
  13. What is the first online store you ever ordered from?
  14. Any specific skills up your sleeve that you would like us to know about? (i.e. Web design, photography skills, video editing and so on)
  15. PC or MAC?
  16. Make & Model of your phone (must be compatible with our system’s requirements)
  17. List the languages you speak
  18. Attach a recent picture of yourself featuring an outfit and name what you are wearing.
  19. Attach a recent mirror selfie you took featuring a full length shot of yourself & your outfit and name what you are wearing. 
  20. Please do not send a resume.
  21. In email subject, please put Group Moderator


–  Must not be an active member in any major affiliate programs.

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