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My name is Irina Terentiev. I am the founder of EasilyDressed.
Several years ago I discovered I have a special skill – I’m very good at finding stylish things online. So much so that people reach out to me every day and ask me fashion questions.
So, I built a Facebook Group where I answer these questions as well as share awesome discounts and simple and practical fashion advice. Together with my team, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to make fashion and online shopping fun and engaging.

I started EasilyDressed in May 2016. Prior to that, I wrote a mommy blog called SmallBigThings and ran a company exporting fashion to two dozen countries overseas. As an entrepreneur, I always look for opportunities to simplify life for myself and others. I value my time and dedicate as much of is as I can to my projects, my family and my love for adventure.

Fashion to me is a road to woman’s freedom, be it financial, mental or emotional. Even back in the day when women had no say, they used their style to make a point, and we do so centuries later. For me, the business of fashion opened up more opportunities than I could have ever imagined and it delights me to have the chance to share them with others.

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