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Birkenstocks on sale

Question: Ladies I know you can help. I have a major sos. I am gonna be honest, I wasn’t fond of Birkenstock but now in order to save my feet and posture, I’m forbidden to wear flip-flops or even some of my slides for a prolong time.
Please spam with the cutest ones you got and can find. If anyone has any photos with a whole outfit it will be a major plus. Since I have to purchase a few of them for different outfits I would greatly appreciate websites that have Birkenstocks on sale since they don’t come cheap.

Hi there,

Birkenstocks are definitely fun and worth experimenting with. They are also some of the most comfortable pairs of sandals you will ever find. The trouble is finding Birkenstocks on sale, as they almost never get discounted. But no worries, I managed to find a few options for you, scroll below to check them out!

Birkenstocks on Sale:

Birkenstocks vacation look

From personal experience, I would definitely recommend Birkenstocks for their quality and comfort. They fit your foot perfectly allowing you to walk for miles and miles. They also last for years – one of the pairs I have is 7 years old and still kicking! So even though they might be pricey for a pair of slides, they will last you well and will be well worth the money spent.

This summer I tried the Birkenstock EVA style – the water-friendly, ethylene vinyl acetate sandal that you can wear to the pool in lieu of the traditional flip flops. I must say they are really awesome. I can tell they will last for a few season, they are incredibly lightweight (as opposed to rubber flip flops) and come in so many fun colors! The ones I got are a Jade color which went perfectly with all of my vacation outfits. Happy I splurged on them!

Birkenstocks EVA review



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