How to wear Belt Bags?

How to wear Belt Bags

Wearing: Sweater (similar on sale) / Skirt (similar here)

Boots (in other colors here) / Belt Bag (similar)

Outfit from our past Fall Essentials Challenge

If you’re still wondering how to wear belt bags – this post is for you!

Like many other trends, this one is either a love or hate kind of thing. However, truth must be told that the people who hate it are, for the most part, those who haven’t tried it yet! Once you give into the idea of a waist bag and get the freedom and convenience of your hands, not holding a purse or fixing a strap – there is really no going back. Just like the skinny jeans – this one is here to stick around, and the reason for that is the convenience.

How to wear belt bags lululemon

What can fit into a Belt Bag?

Quite a lot, surprisingly. As you will see below, most belt bags are pretty roomy, especially the sporty ones like the Lululemon shown above. My iPhone, keys, tissues, cardholder, mask, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, chopstick, small sunscreen – all fit in there, and the size is perfect for when you are on the go, especially if you have kids!

How to wear belt bags gucci

Lana is Wearing the Gucci Belt Bag

How to Wear Belt Bags?

Easily! You can wear them the traditional way – around your waist. This works best with bodycon and tee dresses in any length from mini to maxi. I learned that belt bags are a particular life saver when you’re trying to mask your belly and hide those imperfections that straight dresses seem to bring to light.

Another way is to wear them crossbody style such as below. You set the belt to the max setting and clip it in the front. This way of wearing is most practical for when you are shopping, running errands and going from place to place trying not to loose all your valuables – they all fit securely in the bag and are easy to reach.

You can also throw it over your shoulder or wear it like a crossbody backpack. So many ways and such convienience – if you haven’t tried it, it’s time to take the leap!

Take a look below at some way of how to wear belt bags:

How to wear belt bag crossbody

Luba is wearing Midi Sweatshirt Dress, Sorel Sandals and Studded Belt Bag

Lululemon Belt Bag

Irina is Wearing:

Moschino Belt Bag

Lana is wearing the Moschino Belt Bag

Where Can You Buy a Belt Bag?
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