Fall Essentials Challenge Recap

Today is the final day of our Fall Essentials Challenge!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated during this week-long marathon in our Facebook Group. This challenge was a bit of a hit & miss. The weather didn’t always cooperate and our team went through some changes, but after a week of experimenting with our outfits we yet again learned something new. It’s not always about the clothes, or the money, or who comes out on top. What’s more important is the journey you travel and the people who are along your side. I am beyond grateful to the three amazing ladies on my team – Armine, Luba and Julia – and all of our group members who participated, gave us feedback and motivated us to try something new every day. We are excited to work on all the projects ahead of us and we welcome your input on what you’d like to try next!

Scroll below for a recap of our outfits from this Challenge Week and browse our group to see what other participants wore as well!

Day 1 – Sweaters

From left to right:
Julia is wearing: Blue Sweater / White Shirt / Jeans / Bag / Sunglasses
Irina is wearing: Rainbow sweater / Pleated Midi Skirt / Belt Bag / Snakeskin boots (also here)
Luba is wearing: Cardigan sweater / Green Dress / Red Bag / Sneakers
Armine is wearing: Orange Sweater / Leggings / Shoes / Blue velvet chair (because so many people have asked!)

The first day of the challenge greeted us with 80 degree heat. Not the best time to wear a sweater. Yet, plenty of our participants showed up to Day 1 in style – sweaters and all! Check out the post from that day to see what everyone was wearing.

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Day 2: Leggings

Armine is wearing two piece set – leggings & cropped top
Irina (left) is wearing: Boots / Fleece Lined Leggings / Rebecca Minkoff Backpack (on sale!)
Julia (middle) is wearing Faux Leather Dress / Spanx Leggings / Fit Flop Shoes / Holographic Umbrella
Luba (right) is wearing Ombre Leggings & Red Bag

Day 2 was a bit easier. Weather was on our side and leggings live in almost every closet. It was so cool to see the many different ways everyone styled this closet essential. Check out their photos in this post.

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Day 3: Booties

Irina (left) is wearing: Hat / Sweater / Belt bag / Skirt / Booties
Julia (middle) is wearing: Booties / Coat / Skirt
Luba (right) is wearing: Dress & Booties

Task for Day 3 was to wear booties. This Fall Staple is a must have for any fashionista because it gives you endless possibilities to create completely different looks. All three of our admins styled this footwear choice in their own unique way. I personally took on the task to pair booties with a midi skirt – something I don’t usually wear – and I loved the outcome! Visit this post to see many other ways our group members wore their booties on day 3!

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Day 4: Hat

Irina (left) is wearing: Hat / Cropped Top / Pants / Boots / Bag
Julia (right) is wearing: Beret / Leather Dress

For Day 4, we wore hats. Although some may think hats are a summer thing, they are very practical for Fall as well. Not only do they keep you warm, but they really help you complete an outfit and make it more season appropriate. Check out the hats our EasilyDressed ladies wore for Day 4 of the Challenge in this post.

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Day 5: Trench

Julia (left) and her daughter Sophie are wearing head to toe Chloe:
Julia’s Trench & boots + Sophie’s Trench & Boots
Irina (middle) is wearing Beige Trench / Black Turtleneck / Black skinny jeans / Camo boots / Belt / Bag
Armine (right) is wearing Yellow Trench

Day 5 was something I was really looking forward to. For years, I’ve been looking for the perfect trench but they all came up short. Until I finally found the one! This was the one item I was most excited to show off in this challenge! See what other trenches our participants wore on Day 5 in this post.

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Day 6: Tall Boots

Julia is wearing: Hat / Leather Dress / Boots
Luba is wearing: Quilted Stuart Weitzman Boots (similar here & here) / Red Top / Leggings
Armine is wearing: Boots / Leggings / Sweater
Irina is wearing: Beige Wedge Boots / Leggings / Knitted Cardigan / Bag

For Day 6, weather hated us again. 78F and Tall Boots doesn’t really mix but we pulled it off! Check out the boots others wore on this hot Monday in this post.

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Day 7: Jeans

Luba (left) is wearing: Red Top / Black Jeans / Studded Booties
Irina (middle) is wearing: Off the shoulder top / Ultra High Rise Wide Leg Jeans
Armine is wearing: Black top / Jeans / Sandals

To wrap up our challenge, we wore jeans on Day 7. Even though it’s such a common item, all of our looks were yet again so different. See even more variety in our last post of the challenge.

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Thank you again to everyone who participated!

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