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I am Julia – a mom to an 14-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter, living in bucolic Hudson Valley, NY, an avid art connoisseur, a trained professional musician, a photographer. I dived head over toes into kids fashion 5 years ago entering the retail market — my third career — with no prior experience, but passionate about it as a new art form to conquer, as fashion is an art – as much a visual art as sculpture and painting. Following music career of almost 20 years and spending 15 years working on Wall Street – I eventually drifted to fashion and retail, partially driven by deep interest in fashion photography. I am now a proud owner of a multi-brand kids boutique which showcases my taste for European, retro-style yet extravagant children’s fashion. Over my tenure of hunting for the most unusual yet wearable clothes for kids I developed an eye for finding understated yet luxurious clothes and putting together outfits for any size – from toddlers to my own plus-size frame. I truly believe that any size is beautiful and there exist clothes to prove my point.

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