Outfit with a Twist: Day 10 of the Style Challenge

EasilyDressed Style Challenge Day 10

For the last day of the style challenge, our task is to create an outfit with some kind of a twist or wrap. I took it as an opportunity to wear something I’ve been dying to try – a dress paired with a bottom. I wasn’t exactly sure of how to go about it, so I threw all my favorite things together and hoped for the best 🙂 Not sure how a striped shirt dress, a pair of tall studded cowboy boots and denim shorts are supposed to go together, but somehow they did. The result was way out of my comfort zone, yet oddly very me. I discovered knots and ties aren’t really my thing – I’m no good at making pretty bows. However, the cowboy boot trend from Western theme on Day 4 is going to take permanent residence in my closet.

The beauty of this challenge is that we get to try out new things.

Some of them work for us and others don’t.

We learn how not to compromise on our style while exploring all the options.

I really hope you enjoyed our October Challenge and we will see you back in November!

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