Manolo Blahnik Sale – Only $283!

Happy April Fools!

Sorry to burst your bubble!!

Remember, if a deal is too good to be true – it probably is! 

Please be careful when shopping online, there are more and more scams popping up now, sometimes so cleverly disguised it’s hard to tell if a site is legit or not.

We rounded up some tips on how to verify if you can trust an online store or not. We also put together a list of stores we shop frequently and know to be reputable. You can also contact us to double check a store’s credibility or ask your peers in our Facebook Group to verify a website prior to ordering and get feedback on things like duties, returns and shipping time frames. 

We don’t want to let you down, so we rounded up a few amazing deals from all the websites we love and trust! Please take a look below: 


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