Abstract Print Dresses – How to tell if a website is real

Abstract Print Dresses

We often get questions in our EasilyDressed Facebook Group to help figure out if websites selling these Abstract Print Dresses are real – and the short answer is NO!

There are ways to tell if a site is legit or not by just looking at the images featured. If you take a look at the picture above, you can tell that the image on the left and the one in the middle feature a picture of the same model (notice the position of her foot sticking out from under the dress!). These images have been heavily doctored, changing the background and superimposing different prints onto the same dress. The minute you see different abstract prints on the same model you can be confident the website you’re looking at is likely a scam.

Additional things I always recommend to look at are to figure out if a store is legit:

  • Store’s social media profiles. You want to see how many followers they have and compare it to how many likes their pictures actually get).
  • Contact info. Look for an address clearly listed and a phone number (which should match the number listed on their FB page)
  • Shipping. If it says shipping is likely to take 15-25 days, you can bet that this store is shipping from somewhere in Asia. In most cases, the items you will receive will not be good quality or won’t look like the picture on the website.
  • Return policy – check if there is one and if you will need to ship items back at your own expense. If so, make sure you know where they will need to be shipped to. In some cases return shipping may cost more than the item you ordered!

If you’re ever on the fence whether a store is legit or not, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

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