What to buy to look more stylish – 2024 Edition

We had an interesting post in our Facebook group recently about trends. Do you follow them? We sure keep an eye on them! However, when deciding what to buy to look more stylish it is important to keep a healthy balance between what’s on trend and what suits you best.

Nevertheless, there are a few items you might want to update in your wardrobe to make it more current. And spring is the perfect time to do some shopping!

So, what to buy to look more stylish?
Here are a few key pieces to pay attention to: 

What to buy to look more stylish Jeans

1. Bottoms

Skinny has been fading out for the past couple of years and wider cuts are now in demand. The first thing you might want to refresh are your jeans, but wide leg does not only apply to denim this year. You will notice pants, sweats and even leggings will now come with a wider leg opening and perhaps even a lower rise. The skin tight high waist look to your bottoms is switching to a wider cut topped with a cute vest or a striped tee. 

what to buy to look more stylish wide leg bottoms 2024 jeans trends pants

2. Shoes:

The sporty platforms are on their way out. The next shoes you buy will likely be a pair of mary jane style ballets or flatform sandals. White sneakers, while still a staple, will no longer be the go-to style to pair with dresses. Instead, we will see more loafers and flats this season paired with longer hems. Platforms are starting to grow on pumps and sandals and it seems this 2000s trend is circling its way back into the fashion scene. 

what to buy to look more stylish shoes platforms mary jane flats sandals
what to buy to look more stylish chloe marcie flap bag

3. Bags:

The crossbody style, while super convenient, is becoming the thing of the past. New craze – shoulder bags, more rectangular in shape. Half moon shapes are also popular, while the boxy camera styles are fading out. 

what to buy to look more stylish knit two piece matching sets

4.     Knits, not sweats.

This might be a delight to some while a disappointment to others, but the sporty look is starting to recede into the workout territory and out of the daily life. The gym rat look is now being replaced by the “ladies who lunch” vibe. This will include more two piece sets in knit fabrics, more feminine silhouettes and a lot of cardigans.

how to wear single breast blazer

5. Single breast.

While your moto jackets and double breasted blazers will continue to serve you well, you might want to add a few single breasted options to your wardrobe also. The double breasted look will wear itself out in the next few seasons. Instead, longer, one button or belted jackets will be paired with wider leg bottoms. Vests will also be very popular this year. They will take on a new shape with a scoop neckline that we haven’t seen before. 

what to buy to look more stylish earrings jewelry trends 2024

6. Jewelry.

We often forget about this one, but jewelry goes out of style too. So, if you’re still wearing #armparty layered bracelets, jewelry sporting logos or rose gold, you might want to pick up a few new pieces. Gold bubble earrings and pearls will be very popular this year, as well as statement bangles and layered necklaces. Here is what to buy to look more stylish and update your 2024 go-to jewelry pieces:

Basics 2024 Striped Tee

7. Basics.

Your basics will really come in handy this year and it might be a great time to give them a refresher. By basics I mean your white tees, your striped long sleeves, your base layer tank tops, your black turtleneck and the like. With sporty gear like sweats and leggings on its way out, you will need these often to wear with wide leg bottoms and cardigans that will populate the fashion scene. It’s a great idea to update them because they will help you to complete your outfits this year. 

If you are thinking of what to buy to look more stylish – 2024 is the year to start shopping! The trends that are popular this year will stick around for a while. We are currently at a turning point in the world of fashion as the 2020 Pandemic trends are finally fading out to be replaced by the new, more sophisticated look. Luckily, a lot of classic pieces are must-have this year so you will not only be buying something trendy, but also something that will serve as a staple.


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