Baguette Bag: New Kid on the Block

Baguette Bag 2021

Baguette Bag by Loeffler Randall (now on sale!)

Are you ready for a new bag shape – the baguette bag? Just like skinny jeans are slowly phasing out to be replaced by a wide leg or mom style, the always popular crossbody bag style is getting pushed out from the center of attention by the new kid on the block. We are seeing a more elongated rectangular shape take place of the square or rounded styles this year. The long crossbody strap is also a thing of the past, giving room to a shoulder style.

It is more common to see shorter straps, less flaps, gathered details and a more simple look, reminiscent of the 90s like many other trends this year. Matter of fact, I remember having a bag like this when I was a teenager. It was my most prized possession at the time. Definitely happy to see this style come back because I’m always excited to shop for new bags 😉 Do you think the baguette shape will stick around or is this a seasonal thing?

Are you ready for this style or will you stay true to the crossbody?
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Some Baguette Bag styles trending this year:


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