Spring Trends 2021

Spring Trends 2021

We had a question in our Fashion Group about what the Spring Trends 2021 are supposed to be. To be honest, the question kind of got us stumped because in the absence of runways and social life trends took a bit of a backseat. So we rolled up our sleeves, shuffled through racks of matching sweat sets and face masks and found the answers! Take a look below.

1. Corset Tops

This trend has me excited the most because it’s a way to finally show off one’s figure after months of covering under bulky jackets. Perfect for spring, corset tops, hoodies and dresses add a little sex appeal to your daily life.

2. Shirt Jackets

If you’re not quite ready to let go of the comfort and cover of the winter coat, shirt jacket is a trend for you. It’s just as cozy yet perfect for spring warmth and will give you that careless street look that goes so well with running errands.

3. Oversized Dresses

Quarantine 20 is a real thing and my scale can vouch for that. So oversized dresses are not just a trend, but a necessity. They can be styled so many ways – a great style to play with in the spring.

4. Matching Sets

Most asked about topic, these sets are a firm part of our lives now. If before it was just combinations of sweats, now these sets have expanded to a 3-piece ensembles featuring matching cardigans & bralettes and delicate knits. They are the perfect staples for your closet as they can be worn as is or mixed and matched.

5. Velour

Many 90s trends are coming back this year and velour was one of the surprising come backs. With the return of Juicy Couture, many brands incorporated velour into their spring collections to create the softest, coziest closet staples you will find yourself reaching for over and over.

More Velour & Velvet Pieces Here

6. Old School Sneakers

Speaking of the 90s, it’s time to check up on your old sneaker collection – some of your old kicks might be fashionable again. Take a look below at some of the unexpected styles making a return in 2021.

7. Wide Leg

Adding to the list of old school styles re-emerging as spring trends 2021 are wide leg pants and jeans. This trend is slowly growing on us as millennials are squeezing the skinny jeans out of the fashion scene.

8. Half Zip

A very practical trend for me, these half zip sweatshirts and tops are great for warmer weather when you’re still too cold for open necklines but need a breath of fresh air.

9. Keyhole

Following in the path of half zip tops are keyhole details. Although I remember wearing those back in 2000, I’m kind of excited for this sexy way to show a bit, but not too much.

10. Big Buckles

In accessories, big buckles on belts are all the rage. If before a belt was a way to hold your pants up, in 2021 it’s more than that – it’s a way to make a statement.

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