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Last year made us all take a hard look at what matters most. Be it our family, our community, our business or our country, we realized that we have to value things that make us who we are. That’s why we at EasilyDressed are going to put more emphasis on sharing more American stores and brands to help support our local businesses and our economy.
We decided to no longer work with stores like Shein and we talked about our decision here as well as some alternative places you can shop for similar things.

This time, we found more awesome US-based stores we’d like to share with you.
If you know of any others, please add them in the comments below.

1. Red Dress

A Georgia-based store that offers gorgeous, trendy and well-made apparel – a combination of modern & practical. They also offer an exclusive Made in the U.S.A. Collection.

2. Lulus

A California-based store filled to the brim with great styles for everyday and special occasions, this is our go-to for vacations, casual wear and inexpensive, show stopping gowns.

3. Lane 201

Lane 201 is a family-run boutique in Indiana that does a great job showcasing their styles online for easy shopping and fun outfit ideas.

4. Z Supply

A California based company that can be now found in many local boutiques. Their style is comfort meets everyday chic – perfect for your 2021 style.

5. PinkLily

PinkLily is a Kentyky based boutique that was started by a regular working family that had a dream. They followed their path to create one of the fastest growing retail businesses in the US. Their clothes are very trendy and prices – reasonable. Great pieces for moms all over the states – curated by a fellow mom!

6. Bella Ella

Bella Ella was started by a single mom who was only 21. What started as a small boutique in Utah grew into a series of shops and an online store full of gems!

7. LA Made

LA Made is a brand created by immigrants, based in the US and made exclusively by American workers. Their quality is excellent, their items are mostly natural fabrics and prices are reasonable.

8. Shop The Mint

A boutique in Alabama, Mint Julep is a fresh and colorful destination, perfect for vacations and warm weather. Check out their bright colors for an instant mood lift.

9. Petite Studio

A little treasure find for petite American shoppers, this NY based store has some incredible styles. Their garments are finely made to fit a miniature frame.

10. Adika

Nestled in the heart of SOHO in NYC, this shop has the coolest Tik-Tok video worthy gear for those young and young at heart. Check them out if you’re looking for funky, modern sound.

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