How to Wear Dad Sandals

My Dad Sandals Look: Sub_Urban Riot Tee / Pistola Jeans / Studded Sandals

I’ve been circling around the Dad Sandals trend ever since it came out and finally got enough courage to give them a try! What I learned is that they are totally out of my comfort zone but so ridiculously comfortable! I tried out three pairs and kept these. Here are a few tips I figured out on how to pull off this look:

  1. Wear them with pride! So what if everyone calls them orthopedic shoes? If you like them, own it.
  2. Go all in! Really take it to the next level and add other “dad” attributes – like an oversized shirt and/or a belt bag. Don’t stop at just sandals
  3. Highlight your femininity. The contrast of a dainty ankle and a heavy shoe has it’s own sex appeal. Play up these two opposites by showing off a bit (or a lot) of skin on your legs.
  4. Really, seriously, honestly don’t care what people think. Not everyone gets this trend and that’s ok!

Which style of Dad Sandals is your favorite out of the ones that I tried out?
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Beige Dad Sandals – on Sale here / Budget friendly Bag / Culotte jumpsuit

Black Dad Sandals here / Slit pants / Belt bag

The ones I kept – Studded Sandals / Purple bag / Most comfortable shorts


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