Things I bought on Amazon – 25 Amazon Prime Best Sellers

Just as for many of you, Amazon takes all my money 🙂
Sometimes, they send me awesome things in return!
In light of the Amazon Prime Day happening this week, I put together a list of 25 Things I bought on Amazon this year and loved enough to recommend.
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Things I bought on Amazon in 2020 that I would recommend:

  1. Defund the Media Tee
  2. Great Backyard Light
    Clips around an umbrella, a tent or anything else – batteries lasted me all season!
  3. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
    On sale for $145!
  4. Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
    Bubbles as it works, fun and effective!
  5. Living Proof Shampoo
    After 8 years of use, still the best shampoo I’ve tried – adds volume and keeps your hair looking healthy without parabens or sulfates.
  6. Osmo Genius Kit
    Great attachment for iPads to help your kids learn phonics, math, practice drawing, get beginner coding skills and more!
    Also available for Fire Tablet!
  7. B.Tempt’d Bra
    A Wacoal company, this is the best Push Up Bra for the buck!
  8. Banana Hook
    Great addition to your kitchen that will keep your bananas fresh longer
  9. My son’s Favorite Helmet

Things I bought on Amazon that made my life easier:

  1. Electric Pencil Sharpener
    Remote Learning Must Have – after you sharpen a few pencils manually you will understand why you absolutely need this!
  2. Favorite Knit Sneakers
    Comfortable and stylish for walks around the block with the kids and errand runs.
  3. Nippies
    Sticky nipple covers that allow you to wear the most open dresses & tops without any mishaps (read more about them here)
  4. Lodge Dutch Oven
    Absolutely must have for your kitchen for cooking meats, soups, sides and anything else you need to cook slowly.
  5. Eva Neutrals Serum
    Vitamin C + Hyaluronic acid + Salicylic acid + Retinol = perfect cocktail for your skin! Helps fight wrinkles, prevents acne, keeps your skin healthy and fresh!
  6. Backyard Chairs
    Amazing score – these two reclining backyard loungers that come with pillows and trays for just $75 – for both!
  7. Hat & Infinity Scarf
    Soft and cozy for the cold days!
  8. Suede & Nubuck Protector
    Must have for bad weather to protect your shoes and purses from the elements.

Things I bought on Amazon that Make me Smile 🙂

  1. LED Light Backyard Umbrella
    Love this $99 purchase – the umbrella is big enough to fit 3-4 people under it, the LED light is solar charged and makes it cozy for evening time hang outs and it’s super easy to put up!
  2. Purple Sneakers
    Gorgeous color and attractive price!
  3. Balance Board
    Great for core workouts.
  4. Pilates Ring
    Must have for anyone recovering postpartum and for women overall. This little piece of equipment helps you target those stubborn inner thigh muscles, helps you stretch your back and allows you to do dozens of different exercises.
  5. Laundry Room Rug
    Because laundry never ends, and neither does my sarcasm
  6. Wrap Dress
    Super cute, thick, comfortable material – this dress is one of my go-tos for cold days to pay with thick tights or leggings.
  7. Dog Mask
    Wear it to the supermarket, because it is the law 🙂
  8. Waterproof, Sand-Proof Beach Blanket
    Awesome blanket for beach or picnic that fits up to 7 people and folds into a pouch smaller than your makeup bag! Amazing purchase – my parents and friends bought one too after seeing it in action!

Bonus: Favorite Amazon Leggings!

(Check this post for more leggings reviews!)

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