Business Suit Look: Day 17 of The EasilyDressed Challenge Part II

Casual Business Suit Look

Theme For the Day: Create a Business Suit Look

Wearing: Blazer & Shorts Suit by Missguided  /  Most Comfortable Sandals Ever  /  Lace Trim Cami  /  Orange Bag

For today’s challenge, our task is to create a business suit look. I was tip toeing around this theme for weeks, unsure what to wear. There are no business suits in my closet. I threw them all out when my first company was two years old and I signed the lease for my office space. At that time, it felt like I made it and will never have to work for someone again. Much has changed since. My first business collapsed a few years later. I almost threw in the towel and went back to a 9 to 5. I had my son and became mostly home-bound. Different situations came and went and I still avoided the business suit look. Something in the back of my head firmly tied suits to job interviews and corporate meetings, and I refused going down that route with every fiber in my being.

However, when I was designing the challenge, I deliberately put “Business Suit” on the schedule. Firstly, it was to accommodate women of different backgrounds in our group. And second, I decided I was ready. This time, putting on a suit wouldn’t be like admitting defeat. It would be on my own terms. That’s why this suit is furthest thing from traditional. And that’s just the way I wanted it.

Looking forward to seeing your Business Suit Look for Day 17 of the EasilyDressed Challenge in our Facebook Group!

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