The EasilyDressed Summer Challenge

The Next EasilyDressed Challenge is fast approaching! Our first challenge was such a huge success thanks to all the wonderful ladies participating in our Facebook group that we hardly could wait to start the next one. But finally, the wait is over! The next EasilyDressed Challenge is starting on June 11!

To keep it interesting, we are making things a bit different this time. Each day of the 30 day challenge will now have its own theme. I will be publishing more detailed explanations shortly to give examples of what each day’s theme is going to be about. For example, you can preview the details about Stripes & Polka Dots, which will be the topic for the first day of the challenge.

In addition, this time we will be picking a winner!!! The lovely lady who will manage to collect the most number of likes under her photos in all the Challenge posts combined will receive a $150 Amazon Gift Card! 

The EasilyDressed Challenge Part II - Style Challenge


(click on each day’s theme for style inspiration!)

Week 1

06/11/18 –  Day 1: Stripes and Polka Dots

06/12/18 – Day 2: Business Casual

06/13/18 – Day 3: Sneakers & Dresses

06/14/18 – Day 4: Summer Whites

06/15/18 – Day 5: Sequin

06/16/18 – Day 6: Pom Poms & Ruffles

06/17/18 – Day 7: Hats

Week 2

06/18/18 – Day 8: Beauty Day

06/19/18 – Day 9: DenimLook

06/20/18 – Day 10: Midi Length

06/21/18 – Day 11: Cut Out Details

06/22/18 – Day 12: Monochromatic Outfit

06/23/18 – Day 13: Breezy & Flowing

06/24/18 – Day 14: Tropical Look

Week 3

06/25/18 – Day 15: Yellow Outfit Detail

06/26/18 – Day 16: Sport Chic

06/27/18 – Day 17: Business Suit

06/28/18 – Day 18: All Black

06/29/18 – Day 19: Mani/Pedi Day

06/30/18 – Day 20: Bringing Sexy Back

07/01/18 – Day 21: Beach Style

Week 4

07/02/18 – Day 22: Outdoors Look

07/03/18 – Day 23: American Classics

07/04/18 – Day 24: Red, White & Blue

07/05/18 – Day 25: Match with Someone

07/06/18 – Day 26: Animal Print

07/07/18 – Day 27: Maxi Length

07/08/18 – Day 28: Army Influence

07/09/18 – Day 29: Check & Plaid

07/10/18 – Day 30: Floral Print


Here are the rules you need to follow to participate in the EasilyDressed Challenge Part II:

  1. Join EasilyDressed Facebook Group
  2. Follow the calendar above to plan your outfits.
  3. Each day, post a photo of your outfit featuring the theme of that day in the dedicated post in our FB Group. This post will be available at 12PM EST and will be open for comments until 9AM EST the following morning.
  4. Only current photos and only one photo per person per day.
  5. Add your friends to the group – the more people participate in the challenge, the more fun it will be!
  6. Photo must be current, from June-July 2018
  7. Only one photo per person per post will be counted towards the win.


About the Challenge:

The EasilyDressed Challenge was created to motivate women to look their best every day. Each day, the ladies participating take and post a photo in our Facebook Community of what they wore on that day, sharing with and inspiring their peers to fine-tune their personal style and take care of their appearance daily.

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