Tying Loose Ends

My favorite lace up tee, now also available with a long sleeve 🙂

I have a nasty habit of tying loose ends. Even when it would be much simpler to let certain things go, I still choose to hunt them down and dot all the “i”s and cross all the “t”s. I should have learned my lesson from past experiences. For example, one time my father and I set out on a task of building a computer. We started with a motherboard and the metal frame, only to realize about six hours in that the two of them were not compatible. But did we give up? No, we bought a new frame! And another ten hours later we indeed built a computer. It worked for a few hours then something inside it fried itself to death and it never recovered. We mourned our efforts and went out to buy a new computer the next day.

It’s safe to say that I come from a long line of persistent people. No matter how slow, painful or pointless a process, we always see it to the end. For example, it took my dad twelve years to graduate college (because in Sovient Union college graduates you!), but he proudly holds a degree. My family contemplated their move to America for decades, but we are here now. It took me almost two years since having a child to loose that dreaded baby weight, but I am finally fitting into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes (woo-hoo!). 

Yet, today I totally gave up! The task before me was to dig out my winter gear from the back of my closet and put the summer things away. And what do you think I did? Half way through the process (read: clothes scattered everywhere) I decided to hell with it and ordered like 20 new sweater dressed from Asos. My closet looks like a bomb went off in there. I have no idea where I’m putting all the new stuff. My credit card wants to cut itself in half. But what I’m really concerned with is Where to get me some over the knee suede boots to go with all these dresses??!!!

(Stay tuned, post with sweater dresses coming soon 😉

Current Trend: Tying loose ends with lace up tops

1. Cream colored cropped sweater  /  2. Grey sweater dress  /  3. Maroon Shirt

4. Beige lace up sweater  /  5. Oatmeal oversized boyfriend sweater

6. Dusty rose sweater  /  7. Olive criss-cross top  /  8. Grey Lace up Sweatshirt

9. White Sleeveless Mock Neck  /  10. Black bodycon lace up dress