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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how easy it must be to work from home I would probably have a much bigger company by now 🙂

Wearing: Two Piece Set by Micha (on sale!)

I’ve been an entreprenuer all my life. I started my first business when I was 21 years old, out of sheer desporation and need of money. Companies just weren’t hiring college grads back in 2010. So I had to create my own business and I figured it out on my own.

Then, six years later, my first business failed and I found myself yet again in an unemployable position. I had a newborn on my hands.

So I had to figured it out again.

Having a little one meant working from home, and although I was very good at figuring things out, organizing my time properly and most productively was a big struggle for me at that point.

It is extremely hard to focus when a baby is crying. It can be very challenging to get yourself up and running in the morning when you don’t actually have anywhere to go. And there is always something to do at home that somehow finds precedence over work…

One thing I did to help me conquer this challenge out was write a to do list every night outlining everything I need to accomplish and then scheduling each activity. This still helps me keep myself and my team on track throughout the day.

Another thing to help me stay on point was to get dressed every morning as if I am ready to go to work. However, it would be completely ridiculous to put on business attire when you are planning to sit on your laptop all day…

And then loungewear entered my life.

Loungewear has become one of the fastest growing retail categories in 2019. Because it’s still a relatively new area yet with so much demand, we keep seeing so many cool companies dive in and explore the world of clothes for home. The results of this growth are the gorgeous products we love to add to our closets.

My resolution for 2020 was to finally make peace with the fact that I work from home. More than that, I am proud of this Work At Home title. Being able to create something from scratch that allows you to manage your time at your will is an accomplishment. And to reward myself, I am updating my closet to include more pieces for the days “I don’t have to go anywhere”.

Check out some of my current favorites in Loungewear below:


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