Bright Colors for Fall: Day 2 of the Style Challenge

Bright Colors for Fall 2018


Yesterday I posted this picture from six years ago wearing a pink sweater. My friend immediately messaged me asking if it was taken before I got married and had my son. I laughed and responded – Is it that obvious?))

Yet, for today’s theme I also chose pink. It was a subconscious choice as my outfits were already planned ahead of time and had nothing to do with her comment. Somehow, when I think of bright colors for Fall, to me it’s always pink. This season, purples and yellows are also dominant colors, but as soon as I see hot pink in trend I seize the opportunity to wear it.

What can I say? I’m a bit older, my jeans are a few sizes bigger, my smile is a lot more sarcastic and my brow is a lot more wrinkled. But give me a pink cropped sweatshirt, a pair of sneakers (similar here and here) and jeans and I will find my way to a park with a swing. We all get older. But some parts of us never grow up 🙂

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