The Upgraded Staten Island Mall: Zara, Century 21, Ulta and More!

Staten Island Mall - Updates and New Stores

This year has been big for Staten Island retail scene as a lot of changes are coming to the Island. The Staten Island Mall received a substantial makeover with an addition of much anticipated stores including Zara and Century21. I was able to watch this project come together almost daily as I often drive past the area. Finally, I came to visit the new Ulta and took a stroll through the rest of the mall. Here’s a little breakdown of all the new, the good and the bad.

Staten Island Mall - The New Ulta

The New:

The Staten Island Mall definitely has an updated feel about it. Despite the ongoing construction, crowds are roaming the recently added shops including Ulta, Century21, Zara and Primark. The two latter stores are both taking up large new spaces and are attracting eager shoppers.

Ulta, the recently opened Sephora rival, is stocked with brand new products and untouched samples, and is a pleasure to browse through. Check out their current haircare best sellers below:


Staten Island Mall - Century21

Century21 is truly a hidden gem of the mall, with a boutique feel and a curated selection of high end bags and shoes. I was pleasantly surprised to find labels ranging from Christian Louboutin to Emilio Pucci to Alexander Wang. The added bonus of having this store on the island now is being able to shop Century21 online and return without paying a toll to Brooklyn 😉

No time to travel to Staten Island Mall?

Browse Christian Louboutin on sale online:


Staten Island Mall Work in Progress

The Bad:

My biggest problem with the Staten Island Mall in it’s current state is the lack of navigation and infrastructure. The mall I visited hundreds of times has become completely unfamiliar.

For example, it took me good twenty minutes to find the new Ulta, which turned out to be located on the outside of the mall. There are maps to help you navigate, but none of them indicate clearly where the new outdoor space was or how to get there. The down escalator in the center of the mall isn’t working and the only way down at the moment is an elevator, which is slow and inconvenient in transporting large numbers of people, in addition to probably being a safely violation.

Clear signs to major stores aren’t available in the parking area either, which adds to the confusion still. I’m hoping that all of these issues are temporary due to the ongoing construction and will be resolved shortly.


Browse Century21 Online:


The Good:

The Staten Island Mall seems to be transforming in more ways than one. Retailers are realizing that shopping alone is not enough to attract the modern customer. The mall has to become a destination in order to get the shoppers through the door and that’s exactly what the property developers did.

In addition to the new shops, the Staten Island Mall is expanding their food court and adding many new restaurants. These include the much anticipated Shake Shack, Chipotle, and Dave and Busters, which is to come later in the year. In addition to that, the mall also got a new grocery store Lidl, a movie theater in the works, and an outdoor space with unconfirmed plans for a farmer’s market. A carnival with fun rides for the whole family is also stationed in the parking lot area now through May 28. It’s safe to say that the new mall really has a little bit of something for everyone now!