Day 2 – The EasilyDressed Challenge

Ladies, it was amazing to see all of you yesterday in The EasilyDressed Group! Thank you so much for participating!!!

You are all so different and so beautiful! I’m glad we decided to do this because I get to know all of you better and we get to build a community. Now everyone has a reason to look beautiful and put their best foot forward every day!


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It’s easy to participate – post a picture, a selfie, a mirror look or anything else about you today that makes you feel beautiful!


My Outfit:  Calvin Klein Jacket  /  Topshop Cropped Sweatshirt  /  Awesome army-green pants  /

Camo Pointy Toe Booties (very comfortable!)  /  Black Bag (also comes in Red) /  Quay Sunglasses





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