Tulle Ball Skirt – Where to Buy and How to Wear It?

Elisa J Lace Ball Tulle Skirt

Wearing: Eliza J Tulle Ball Skirt  /  Schutz Pumps

White Top with Bell Sleeves (similar here)

Spitfire Sunglasses  / Violet Ray Bag

The beauty of spring is making it so easy to draw inspiration from all the flowers and greenery surrounding us. It makes my spirits rise and brings out a girly girl side of me. Sometimes it’s hard to notice, but deep down inside I have a soft spot for feminine delicacy. I can’t help but gravitate towards lacy lingerie, tiny extenuated waste lines, a tulle ball skirt or bell shaped sleeves that highlight delicate hands. All of these are concealed weapons which women have been employing for centuries to highlight our best features. And luckily, they are making a come back in fashion! Therefore, when I spotted this floral embellished skirt by Eliza J, a puffy, feminine concoction trimmed with dainty flowers, I fell for it right away.

I often get questions about where to buy a tulle ball skirt and how to pair it with the right top. That’s why I wanted to depict several ways to put together such a charming look. Because, although most of us are shrewd, go-getter, no-nonsense women, from time to time we all want to be soft and delicate creatures, relying on our charms more than we do on our wits. And, after all, a witty damsel in an attractive skirt is a force to be reckoned with 😉

Elisa J Lace Ball Tulle Skirt

Eliza J Lace Tulle Ball Skirt Details

Long Tulle Ball Skirt + Cropped Top

Many tulle skirts tend to be on the longer side – midi or full length. To make this look work, pair the skirt with a cropped top to add some lightness to your outfit by showing a bit of skin. Asos is a great place to find these sort of tops and they have a nice selection of tulle skirts as well.

ONE  /  TWO  /  THREE  /  FOUR



Tulle Ball Skirt + Bodysuit

If you are going with a shorter skirt or not a fan of an open midsection, you could pair your tulle skirt with a top tucked in. The best way to go about it is to wear it with a bodysuit to prevent any bunching up at the waist.




Black Tulle Ball Skirt

To incorporate a tulle skirt into a more sexy evening outfit, pick one in black and add a daring top. However, if choosing a sheer top, make sure your silluette isn’t appearing to be broken up by alternating see-through and closed panels. And when selecting a plunge neckline, make sure it isn’t too deep to clash with the waist of the skirt.