Destiny’s Jewels: Swarovski style for less

Swarovski Delta Necklaces

I was riding the subway in Manhattan last week and saw Miranda Kerr, smiling from a poster advertising Swarovski jewelry. She was wearing a gorgeous delta-shaped necklace with a pearl that looked perfectly elegant. Later that day, I stumbled upon a Swarovski stand in Lord & Taylor and asked to see the Delta collection. There were several pieces including the one I saw on the train, priced at around $100. I absolutely loved the style, but was surprised when the sales person told me they were rhodium-plated over base metal, which means they might peal after some wear. At that price, I expected them to be of a better quality.

Swarovski Delta Necklace

Swarovski Delta Collection

When I came home, I did some research online and came across Destiny’s Jewels. Their shop has the same Delta style necklaces I fell in love with, at half the price. Unlike Swarovski, similar necklaces offered at Destiny’s Jewels are Sterling Silver, some with 14K gold plating, which makes their pieces more long-lasting and a better choice for those with sensitive skin. I filled up my cart with necklaces and then went on to discover the rest of the site. They also have gorgeous fashion rings as well as a selection of fine jewelry.

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Destiny's Jewels Miami Store

Shown above:

Destiny’s Jewels Pieces: Top, Middle & Bottom

Swarovski Delta Necklaces

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Destiny's Jewels Miami Store

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