Pencil: Day 4 of the Dress Challenge

Dresses with Sneakers J.O.A. Stripe Dress

Wearing: J.O.A. Dress  /  Ted Baker Sneakers / Le Specs Sunglasses / Kooba Bag

Challenge Task: Wear a Pencil Dress

Pencil Dresses are classy and elegant. For the most part. However, you can play around with them to make them look more sporty or casual as I’ve done above. They can be sheath style (structured fabric, holding its shape) or stretchy/sweater-dress style. The key is to have a straight silloughete without any flare to the skirt (unlike Day 1 of this challenge). Find a style that hugs your figure or wear something that hides your curves. Show us your choice for Day 4 of the Dress Challenge in our Facebook Group!

Browse our suggestions below to put together your look for Day 4 of the Challenge!

Rules of the Challenge

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