Kristina Mamina

‘’The joy of dressing is an art!’’- that’s my belief!

Hello Friends!
My name is Kristina Mamina. I am very excited to introduce myself and be a contributor in this amazing group and team! I came to the U.S. two years ago and now live in New Jersey with my lovely family. My dear 5 old son gives me a charge of cheerfulness and ideas every day! 
I have lived in different countries with different cultures and styles. That’s what attracted my interest to the history of clothing. I have been paying attention to fashion since my childhood. One of the most fun experiences in my life was being a consultant in Italian Boutique. I assisted customers with luxury clothes, discussed and gave advice on general trends in fashion, and helped them mix and match designer items. They gave me the skills which I am ready to share with you.
I hope I can be very helpful and informative to all of you! I’m excited to find you amazing deals and best discounts! Fashion for me is not just about labels and brands . It’s something that comes from all of us. Every woman has her own style and this is the way for us to show who we are without having to speak! Let’s enjoy our shopping! 

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