Outfit with a Hat: Style Inspiration for Day 7 of the Challenge

Outfit with a Hat

Task for the day: Create an Outfit with a Hat

For our first Sunday of the challenge, the task is pretty laid back – wear an outfit of your choice and top it with your favorite hat. I have a special place in my heart for hats. They can be used to both draw attention to yourself and hide from the world. That’s why I am really excited to see what everyone wears for this day. Also, I’m equally excited to go shopping for my own new headwear – a new hat has been long overdue 🙂 One brand that really stood out for me while searching for a hat is Brixton with their super trendy and very affordable (under $50) selection!! Check them out below:



Other brands with cute wide brims, fedoras and baseball caps I found while looking for my outfit with a hat: