Cut Out Details: Day 11 Inspiration for The EasilyDressed Challenge

Cut Out Details - Maxi Dress by Yumi Kim

Cut out details at the waistline of this gorgeous Yumi Kim Maxi


Task for the day: Create an Outfit with Cut Out Details

Today’s theme was the most confusing so far and many people asked me what do I mean by cut out details. This is a trend that’s best to illustrate rather than explain. Basically, look for a piece of clothing or a shoe with chunks of material intricately cut out to reveal skin. This trend is perfect for a hot summer day or as a detail in a cocktail dress. It allows you to add a bit of fun and sexiness to your look without showing too much. My favorite way to do cut out is to bare just a bit of skin right above your waistline like I did in one of my outfits during our Spring Challenge.

Check Out Trending Pieces Featuring Cut Out Details:

The problem with this trend is that it can be difficult to find the right undergarments to make the cut out details work. Low necklines, open backs and material missing in the most unexpected places can leave no room for a bra, which isn’t an option for most. But don’t worry! Scroll below for several solutions on how to find the right bra to wear with cut out details.

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