How to Wear Vests: 2024 Fashion Must Have

One trend I’m super excited to see become popular in 2024 is vest dressing. Vests took on with a bang this year and virtually every retailer has added at least one style to their racks. We browsed around and scouted out the best options to simplify shopping for you. Scroll below to check out our picks!
The question is – how to wear vests this year to look modern and on trend? Scroll below for some tips on how to pick out the trendiest option and style it properly.

For my own look, I decided to try out the new collaboration I spotted at Dillards. These pieces are so light and breathable, perfect for the hot and humid New York weather. The vest I wore had an adjustable waist which could be fasted to give you a more tailored look. The skirt is a perfect above the ankle length which is currently on trend. I paired it with a comfortable pair of flats that go well with my fast paced lifestyle that revolves around little people 🙂 The gold seashell buttons draw the eye, but I added an extra piece of contrast, the red Coach bag, to give this outfit an extra pop! So, how do you like this look? Stop by our Facebook Group to see what others said about my outfit!

How to wear vests 2024

This year, there’s been a major shift in styling and there are some tell tale signs that will make your outfit look outdated. Let’s avoid that! Here are a few things to look for that will help you pick out a look that’s on trend. When shopping for a vest this year, look for the following:

  • Single breast
  • Asymmetrical closure
  • Shorter hem
  • No bulky/oversized cuts
  • A distinct waist line
  • High collar
  • Belted styles
  • Interesting button details.

Now let’s pick out a vest for you! Here are a few options I narrowed down:

How to wear vests? Here are a few things you can pair them with:

Here are a few pieces that would work:

Now that we figured out how to wear vests…
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