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Alternatives to shein

Why do you need alternatives to Shein? Let’s talk about this. 

Update: In October 2023, after the horrific events that took place in Israel, Shein made it even more clear that they stand against Israel with a series of actions they took in wake of the tragedy. Here is a letter from הפשוטע addressed to Shein, translated to the best of my ability:

I’m not in favor of boycotts but this is too much:
It started yesterday when you added a Palestine flag for sale to the website
How did you describe it on the website? “A colorful flag supporting terrorism with fabric stripes”?
After the review, you took it down from the website, but today you issued a message to all of your female influencers in Israel that as of now you are ceasing cooperation with them.
And that’s after you canceled the free shipping on Sunday only in Israel
So I understand that you have chosen a side
And no problem, we are a small country
But we are a small country that buys a lot
And we can choose a side too
Say it loud.

Original post: In July of 2020, we saw a Chinese company called SheIn post a horrendous necklace on their website featuring a swastika. The listing promptly came under just attack and SheIn removed it from their website. The next day the company attempted to apologize on social media, which sounded more like a justification to why they posted it rather than understanding how hurtful it was to the millions of Jews who shop their website.

It is because of their insincere and poorly thought-out apology as well as a complete failure at every level of marketing to prevent this product from going live on their website that I decided to no longer affiliate my company with SheIn. It shows that they simply don’t care about what they sell or who buys it.

Truth is, I would much rather support American businesses, especially in today’s trying times.

I know that many of you shopped at SheIn and enjoyed their styles and prices. So I wanted to provide you with alternatives – US-based, reliable and yet trendy and affordable clothing options that support businesses paying taxes in America and hiring American workers. This is my sincere plea to urge you to shop domestically rather than support foreign companies at the time when many of our local businesses are struggling.

Here are some alternatives to Shein:

1. Red Dress

A Georgia-based business, Red Dress was founded by Diana Harbour, a young entreprenuer with a love for fashion and self expression. I spoke briefly with Diana when COVID first hit the US and her relentless desire to make her business succeed and grow even during a pandemic while providing a safe environment for her staff and clients was most inspiring. The product selection at Red Dress is amazing. They offer quality garments at affordable prices – with Free Shipping on orders of $75+.
You can also check their return policy here.

2. Nastygal

One of the best alternatives to Shein, Nastygal is a true story of American enterprenuership. Founded by Sophia Amoruso as described in her book Girl Boss, Nastygal grew rapidly under meticulous and thought out oversight of its founder. Her business started as an Ebay account run out of a tiny San Franscisco apartment. Within a short time, it developed into an LA-based company that now became its own label.
Check out their 70% sale happening now!

3. Lulu’s

Similar to Nastygal, Lulu’s first opened as a California-based vintage shop, sourcing and reselling hard-to-find and stand out clothes. Today, it grew into a nation-wide company with warehouses on both coasts featuring clothes under their own label as well as other brands we know and love. Lulu’s has been online since 2005 and has become completely digital in 2008. Since then, they have grown their reach through working with influencers and featuring real women wearing their products. It’s become my go-to for all vacations and special occasions. Read our full Lulu’s review.
Check out their Outlet Sale here.

4. Tillys

Tilly’s has over 200 stores across the US catering to the younger generation with their casual and sporty styles. It’s a great place to shop for your teens and pre-teens, as well as to find awesome deals for yourself! Another store that sprouted from California to all over the States!
They are currently running 30% off wesbite wide!

5. Bohme

Bohme is an American immigrant success story. This company was founded by two sisters who immigrated from Brazil as young girls. It was first launched in 2006 when both of them were in their early 20s. Today they employ over 200 women in western part of the US with some of their manufactiring also done locally. We absolutely love their designs and styling, complimented by affordable prices and Free Shipping on orders of $50+

6. Francesca’s 

Started in Houston, Texas back in 1999, Francesca’s boutiques can often be found in many malls. Their online store offers an even wider selection of merchandise at prices that will rival even Shein. I love their quality as well, especially for such a steal.
Check out their Birthday Sale running this week with many Alternatives to Shein products!

7. ModCloth

ModCloth was at the frontlines of online retailing when the concept first came about. This company features uniquely feminine and vintage-inspired styles now has locations all over the States, employing hundreds of women and maintaining their integrity and competitive advantages that always had them stand out. They are notorious for promoting size inclusion, being one of the first stores to offer the same items in sizes XS through 3X. Although being in business for almost 20 years, they stayed true to their original style and vision and continued to remain an independently owned company.

8. Shop Akira

This Chicago-based boutique was first founded in 2002, and later expanded online while adding a few dozens more locations to their list. Akira’s style is one of a kind – it’s glitz and glam and truly aimed to stand out. They carry several well-known brands as well as their own label – all with Fast Free Shipping and frequently offered discounts.


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