Christopher John Rogers for Target Collaboration

Christopher John Rogers for Target Collaboration

Christopher John Rogers for Target dress (available here)
as featured by one of our beautiful Facebook Group members – Irina Granovsky

More pieces from the collaboration:

The collaboration between Target and Christopher John Rogers came out earlier this season (click here to shop). This partnership was a joint effort to create a bright and attractive collection featuring colorful dresses perfect for the summer. With so many worries and conflict in today’s world, you can count of fashion designers to lighten the mood with a pop of color – and so they did! And, of course, our group members picked up on it right away and decided to try it out. Some of them even received their orders already and got to take them for a spin!

So far, the feedback on this Christopher John Rogers for Target Collaboration has been overwhelmingly positive:

  • soft, comfortable material, pleasant to the touch;
  • most pieces are cotton or viscose – perfect fabrics for the warm months!
  • well made pieces, no issues with stitches or cut.
  • oversized looks for an easy fit.
  • great prices for the style & quality
  • sizing is generous, if you’re in between sizes and unsure which size to go for – size down!
  • plus sizes are available!
  • very easy delivery & returns in Target – same day shipping, store pick up, free returns by mail and at the retail locations.

Browse the Full Collaboration below:

Have you tried this Collaboration out yet?

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