Maniere De Voir Review

Maniere De Voir Review

My Maniere De Voir Review: 9/10

Reviewed by: Irina Dorn

Irina is 170lb, 5’6” tall, and usually wears size M-L

Wearing: Black Leggings

Maniere De Voir, which means “Way of Seeing” in French is a relatively new, UK-based store with the coolest bad a$$ outfits you could possibly imagine – at affordable prices!
Because of their stand-out pieces, the store quickly became popular with our Facebook group members. I had to try it for myself, not only because I wanted to be able to give honest feedback about them, but because I totally wanted a few things from there in my closet.
Scroll below for my Maniere De Voir review – what I loved, how it fit and what I was unhappy about!

Maniere De Voir Review Leggings

Wearing: Corset Hoodie & Moto Leggings

Prices:  $$

Maniere De Voir prices are pretty awesome considering how well-thought out and unique their garments are. I shopped during their Cyber Week sale and scored all the items listed here plus a hoodie not shown for only $176!

Quality: 9/10

Quality is fantastic for the money! Most things are rayon or cotton, no polyester like at many other comparable stores. Stitching and construction of the garments is excellent – solid hemming and sturdy zippers are just some of the examples. There was not one item in my package that I was unhappy about quality-wise.

Maniere De Voir Review Dress Shirt

Denim Shirt Dress & Leggings


True to British sizes.
Since the company is located in UK, the sizes are also in UK, which is 2 sizes up from your US size. Since I wear US8, I went with UK12 or 14 in some cases. If you’re in doubt about a size – sizing up is probably best. I would say that most items run true to size. The only thing I had trouble with were these leggings, which I got in size L. Although to be fair, I think it’s not the leggings that are the problem but the Quarantine 20 that settled on my backside.. Most items have a good amount of stretch to make them fit easier. I was also happy with the length of their garments – they looked just like on the model and despite the fact that I’m 5’6 nothing was too short.

Maniere De Voir Review Dress

Sweater Dress

Comparable stores:

Maniere De Voir Review Corset Top

Corset Hoodie


I placed my order during Cyber week (end of November) using their free shipping option and received it in mid-December. It could be because they were overwhelmed with orders on Black Friday. It could be because of Covid. And it could be because of the holidays. But it took my package about three weeks to arrive. It was a bit disappointing, but worth the wait!
Update August 2021: Shipping situation has been improved tremendously! It now takes about a week to week and a half for the order to arrive to US with the free shipping option!


The only downside about Maniere De Voir is that their returns are at your own cost and back to UK. The return shipping might end up costing quite a bit and isn’t always feasible. Luckily, there was nothing in my order that I wanted to return.
I hope this post helps you a bit with sizing so you can order with confidence and not worry about shipping anything back either!

Update: Maniere De Voir now offers return labels which you can request online. Returns are not free, but they offer a reasonable rate that makes it easier to ship things back!

Maniere De Voir Review White Dress

Wearing: White Dress

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