The Quarantine Wardrobe

Now after a few weeks of quarantine, I started to try toembrace this whole experience and make the best of it. I’m thinking of how to make life more comfortable, less stressful and as “normal” as possible. Homeschooling, working from home and lots of walking (away from everyone) has become my new routine. So here are a few things I rely on to cheer me up through this time:

  1. Loungewear
  2. Sneakers
  3. Bandanas
  4. Graphic Tees
  5. Comfy Dresses

Pieces I currently wear:

1. Loungewear

A few months ago I wrote about loungewear becoming more and more popular as a retail category on the US market. I had no idea it will become the category of 2020. Here are a few cool pieces and brands I recently found that will make you cozy and cute at home.

Brands I Love:

More Options Here

Black Sneakers – Great find under $35

2. Sneakers

Now that our commute has been reduced to nothing and the only places we’re going to are local parks and supermarkets, sneakers have become essential. If you are looking to treat yourself, do your feet a favor and get a pair that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds!
Here are a few of the most comfortable styles we’ve found:

3. Bandanas

Want to know what’s the most coveted accessory is going to be this spring? Bandanas! They can be folded into masks, they can be used in supermarkets if you run out of gloves and they can be used as fancy rags once we ran our of paper towels. So many possibilities! :)) But best, they can finally inject some fashion into our new reality!!! Here are a few options in breathable cotton. You can also get MASKS here.


Wearing – Lauren Moshi Tee

4. Graphic Tees

If you need to add some fun to these mundane days, get a graphic tee with something ridiculous on it. Here are some ideas:

Wearing: Maxi Tee Dress

5. Cozy Dresses

When you can’t stand wearing pants anymore (pajama pants, lounge pants, leggings and on and on!!), switch out to tee dresses instead! Let your legs breathe and maybe even catch some sun on your backyard! The dress above has been my go-to all of last year and is no different now. Here are a few other similar tee dresses in various length:

More Quarantine Essentials?
Check out Our Leggings Recommendations!


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