Nippies and Bras for Open Dresses and Tops

Irina is wearing red dress & Nippies

I have a confession to make – I’d rather not wear a bra 🙈 And as I hit my thirties I made a decision that if I can get away with it, I won’t wear one! I have several plunge dresses and tops that simply leave no room for undergarments, yet I’m not prepared to walk around and poke people’s eyes out with my nipples either :)) And that’s where Nippies come in!

They are easy to put on and take off, they don’t unstick on their own and prevent any kind of wardrobe malfunction you may have even with the deepest neckline!

Wearing: Knit Top / Nippies

If you are worried about needing support, try using Kinesiology Tape together with Nippies to put everything where it needs to be. This tape is used by athletes and also goes on and off without an issue, and stays on despite sweat or movement.

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Wearing: Neon Yellow Gown (similar here on sale!)

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