Neutrals – Day 1 of the EasilyDressed Fashion Week Challenge

Irina’s Look: White puffer / Yellow Blouse
Wide Leg Pants (also available here)/ Ring Bag (on sale in other colors!)

Welcome to another EasilyDressed Challenge!!

If this is your first one, here’s how it works!

And if you, along with hundreds of other ladies, have been looking forward for the challenge to start, be sure to post your photos today at noon in our Facebook Group. (We can’t wait to see them!)

The theme for our first day is Neutrals – soft, earthy colors subtly welcoming the spring.

My life, on the other hand, has been nothing but neutral lately. I’ve made a difficult and liberating decision to file for a divorce, got smacked in the face with the reality of being a single mom and watched my team members Rita and Armine go through numerous struggles of their our own. It’s been a balancing act for the last month, with most days having me falling off the end of the scale with exhaustion.

Nevertheless, we got here, just in time for fashion week! As the models are strutting the runway, we will have our own fashion show counting down Top Ten Trends for 2019. For the full calendar of the next 10 days, click here or follow the announcements in our Fashion Group.

I hope you are as excited as we are to add a splash of fun and fashion to your everyday life!
We look forward to having you participate!

Rita‘s Look:

Armine is wearing this sweater dress

More Neutral Spring Outfits

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