The Old New Kid on the Block: Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger TOMMYNOW Fashion Show Milan

For the longest time, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren were in competition for the spotlight on the classic American runway. A competition Ralph Lauren won fair and square. Now, after so many years, Tommy brand is attempting to revive itself, not just in America, but all over the world. Hilfiger seems to be finding his own distinct style which I would title “The New Americana”. They got a runway show in Milan featuring their TOMMYNOW collection, a collab with Gigi Hadid, and a very strong campaign with posters and ads targeting the urban population.  Will it be enough for Tommy Hilfiger to become the next Gucci when it comes to advertising, taking the fashion world over by a storm?

Maybe. Maybe not. Unlike Gucci, Tommy doesn’t seem to have a portfolio of bloggers they are working with and that just might be their downfall. Not to toot our own horn, but there is a reason why they call us influencers in the modern world.

As a positive, Hilfiger brand has adopted the see-now wear-now model for their runway, releasing the TOMMYNOW spring collection in February, while most of the fashion world is showcasing their Fall styles. This new model is more consumer-friendly, allowing you to shop directly from the catwalk. In fact, you can already buy all the pieces from their Milan fashion show, which debuted February 25th. The TOMMYNOW collection is available on Tommy Hilfiger’s website. This line is reasonably priced with most items under $500. However, their main collection is even more affordable and features practical, everyday styles. I particularly like their boots. Scroll below to see all these new arrivals.

Tommy Hilfiger New Collection


From the Runway: Tommy Hilfiger SS18


Tommy Hilfiger TOMMYNOW Runway Fashion Show Milan

Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid New Collection


Stefanie Giesinger at Tommy Hilfiger Last Fall

Stefanie Giesinger at Tommy Hilfiger Last Fall


Tommy Hilfiger: Best of Sale


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