A Look Ahead – Fashion Trends for 2018

February is truly the best month for shopping!

Not only do you get the lowest prices of the season on sale items, but you also get to preview fashion trends for 2018 as they happen. The Spring/Summer collections are already in stores and the upcoming Fall/Winter looks have hit the runway and are available for pre-order through Moda Operandi.

I was excited to do a live video in the EasilyDressed Facebook Group talking about the trends I saw on the runway during NYFW FW18. And now I want to cover them more in-depth.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming year in the world of fashion.

NYFW Pamella Roland FW18 Fashion Trends for 2018

Pictured above: Pamella Roland FW18 Show – Blue Dress available for Pre-Order here



1. Fashion Trends for 2018: Florals

I know what you are thinking.



However, this year floral prints will dominate not only the Spring season, but also the Fall. A clever combination of elegant dresses in blossoming fabrics and oversized coats will become a popular style later in the year. In fact, all the looks below are from the Fall/Winter ’18 runways, including a flowery meadow created for the Tory Burch Runway this February.


Fashion Trends 2018 - Florals

Left to right: Tory Burch FW18 (blouse, skirt and coat available for pre-order)

Ederm FW18  /  Zimmermann FW18  /  R 13 FW18

Shop the pre-order:


Fashion Trends 2018 Alice Olivia SS18 New Arrivals

This Spring, floral prints will start taking their roots with brands like Alice and Olivia, Marc Jacobs and others. Flowers will take over stores long before Sakura will bloom at the Botanical Garden or the flower display decorates the windows of Macy’s in Herald Square. During my last shopping trip, I saw gorgeous racks featuring floral prints, and, although it was a bitterly cold day, I felt warmer on the inside. Take a look at some of the styles below to see how you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.




2. Fashion Trends for 2018: Hourglass Siloughettes

Fashion Trends 2018 Hourglass Pencil Dresses

Left to right: Marc Jacobs FW18  /  Marcel Ostertag FW18  / 

Irina Vitjaz FW18  /  La Petite Robe Di Chiara Boni FW18

This year, skirts are getting slimmer and focus is shifting to highlighting the waist. The hourglass shape is being celebrated as a symbol of femininity in such a classy and elegant way. Skirts are on the longer side, yet the classic pencil style of the dresses is the preferred cut for 2018.



3. Fashion Trends for 2018: Simple Prints


Mixing Prints Windowpane Fashion Trends 2018

Left to right: Michael Kors FW18 (Floral dress, coat and scarf available for pre-order)

Anna Sui FW18  /  Alice and Olivia FW18  /  Zimmermann FW18


Prints are going back to simple and classic – windowpane, stripes (on the wider side), and polka dots. However, the way to mix these prints is anything but simple. This is where you can really let your fashion sense run wild to express your creativity. Mix these rather straightforward patterns with more complex leopard or floral prints for a truly unique look. I particularly love the way Michael Kors paired all of these fabrics together in his Fall/Winter 2018 collection for an eye-catchy yet elegant look (first outfit on the left in the photo above)

When choosing your patterns, look for large windowpane print for a fuller figure and choose smaller check for petite figures or to minimize something. For example, if you have larger hips, pair a white sweater with a small check-print bottom to minimize your bottom and make your top look fuller. Same principal can be applied to polka dots and stripes.


Fashion Trends for 2018: Windowpane

Scroll below for ideas


Fashion Trends for 2018: Polka Dots


Fashion Trends for 2018: Stripes



4. Fashion Trends for 2018: Satin

Satin Fashion Trends 2018

Left to right: Irina Vitjaz FW18  /  Son Jung Wan FW18  /  Zimmermann FW18  /  Bottega Veneta FW18


If fabric of choice for 2017 was velvet, than this year satin is the preferred material. It is perfect for draping and creating feminine silhouettes discussed above. Look for a flowing skirt or a long dress which can be easily worn on its own or paired with a jacket or a coat or update your white blouse to a shiny satin one with a cute neck detail. Keep in mind that satin isn’t a very forgiving material and it’s shiny quality can make you appear to look bigger. For your problem areas, look for a more structured cut made of heavier material, and to highlight your slimmest parts, choose a thinner, more flowing fabric.  Take a look below for some ideas:



5. Fashion Trends for 2018: Urban Leopard

Urban Leopard - Fashion Trends 2018

From left to right: Alice and Olivia FW18  /   Marcel Ostertag FW18  /  Tom Ford FW18  /  Tadashi FW18

Leopard is hard to miss. It such a bold print, and it was present in nearly every runway this February in one form or another. For this year, and for Fall in particular, look for something nontraditional featuring this print. For example, in lieu of the usual faux fur coats, look for a sequin skirt in a leopard print or go for footwear in the same print, which is relatively simple to incorporate in any wardrobe. Check Sam Edelman for a great selection of leopard-print footwear. Below are more ideas of how to dress in this print:



6. Fashion Trends for 2018: Midi

Midi - Fashion Trends 2018

From left to right: Michael Kors SS18  (white blazer & skirt available now, similar low-price skirt here)

Prabal Gurung FW18 (orange turtleneck, purple sweater & skirt available for pre-order)

Gabriela Hearst FW18 /  Tibi FW18 (orange coat, blue dress and white boots available for pre-order)



The dominating hem length for this year will be midi. Skirts fall either right below the knee or lower towards the ankles to be work with shin-high booties. Unlike previous seasons, these skirts are either straight in their cut, flowy or tulip shaped. Look for skirts and dresses that have a slit or an uneven hem line and stay clear of A-shape. Coats will also be longer this year, like the second-from-the-right look from Gabriela Hearst’s FW18 runway. I’m really looking forward to wearing this trend as I love the boots-under-the-skirt look! Here are some pieces you could incorporate into your outfits:



7. Fashion Trends for 2018: Yellow

Yellow Fashion Trends 2018


Left to right: Milly FW18  /  Son Jung Wan FW18  /  Bottega Veneta FW18  /

Tibi FW18 (faux fur yellow coat, blue dress and white boots available for pre-order)


Last but not least, let’s note the color that saturated this year’s runways for seasons to come. Yellow has long been the underdog of the fashion world because it can be tricky to match, but this season, many designers chose yellow materials for their signature pieces. Yellow doesn’t suit everyone, so if it doesn’t work with your skin tone, opt our for yellow accessories or footwear. Also consider a pastel shade of yellow, which can be very flattering and refreshing. Here are some gorgeous yellow pieces that caught my eye:



So, which of these fashion trends for 2018 is your favorite?

Tell us in comments or in our Facebook Group!

For more fashion inspiration, check out our previous coverage of Spring/Summer 2018 collections here.



Image source: Getty Images