NYC Sample Sales: Herve Leger

One of my favorite pop up sale spaces, 260 Sample Sale in Manhattan, is welcoming a fashionista favorite – Herve Leger! Known for their iconic bandage dresses, Herve Leger has graced many red carpets and runways. If you are looking to show off your figure and accentuate those curves, these dresses are a go-to. Scroll below to get the details on this event – one of the most coveted NYC Sample Sales.

Herve Leger NYC Sample Sales

Made to Last Investment Piece

I was recently digging through some of my old photos and came across a picture of my Herve Leger skirt (below) which I got several years ago at an amazing deal (nearly 50% off!!) at The Outnet (an online sample sale website). This skirt proved to be a worthy investment because I got plenty of wear out of it. After seeing the picture below, I searched through my closet and dug it out right away. (It was buried somewhere in the back next to all my other pre-baby outfits.) To my surprise, it still fit well and was in a perfect shape. Now I just need an occasion to take it out again 😉

Herve Leger NYC Sample Sales

What a throwback from 2012! Putting that skirt back on (and zipping it!!) brought all those skinny memories back again 😉 Perhaps 2018 will be the year I finally loose all that baby weight I came to love over the past three years…


That said, here’s what you need to know about Herve Leger Fit:

The brand is notorious for their bandage-like material which is very tight, yet stretchy. It can be very tough putting a new Herve Leger dress on for the first time, and it might make you think that you need to size up. However, keep in mind that the material stretches overtime. So, if you want to preserve that tight silhouette the brand is famous for, order your regular size. The skirt I’m wearing above is actually a size Small!!! (while I’m definitely not ;))


I’ve attended many sample sales at 260 Sample Sale Space (for example, this one by Rebecca Minkoff) and there’s always great bargains to hunt down!

I am excited to share the details for one of these NYC Sample Sales featuring Herve Leger:


Herve Leger at 260 Sample Sale

Addess: 150 Greene St. SOHO, NYC

Dates: January 30 through February 4

Hours: Tuesday : 9am-8pm
Wednesday-Saturday : 10am-7pm
Sunday : 10am-5pm


Just in case you won’t be in town for those dates or have other engagements, you can also shop this brand at a discount online! Check out the gallery of sale items below: