Victoria’s Dirty Secret: What Happened to Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits

Victoria's Secret Swimwear

Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits from a few seasons back.

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I still remember the days when Victoria’s Secret swimsuits were the go-to for summer and vacations. You could hardly walk a few feet on New York City beaches without spotting someone wearing one of the VS popular styles. And yet, last summer Victoria’s Secret surprised everyone by nixing their swimwear line of products, upsetting many of their customers and leaving a huge gape in the beachwear market.

Victoria’s Secret has been going through a number of changes in the last year. Some of them were much appreciated, like the discontinuing their catalogs. (they used to send me two or three a week, what a waste of paper!!!) But many others have been quite disappointing to their customers. The loss of swimwear line was very upsetting, but even more so was the deteriorating quality of their undergarments. I’ve personally thrown out several of their bras after an unexpected underwire stabbing or a back hook coming out. The turning point was a brand new bra ripping apart in the front where the cups were sewn together. (an epic wtf moment!!!) I’ve stopped shopping at VS after that. Many social media posts from my friends and customers along with requests for great lingerie and swimwear stores have confirmed that I’m not the only one ditching their Victoria’s Secret addiction.

And yet, when summer came, shoppers began to wonder where to get bathing suits this season. Many had no idea about Victoria’s big Secret – following a huge swimwear sale last August (which had many shoppers stocking up on their beachwear like there is no tomorrow), Victoria’s Secret swimsuits came back on the market yet again. Now selling under the PINK label, there is a newly redesigned line of beachwear available in stores and online (see photos below). This was a confusing move because many shoppers either didn’t know VS swim was discontinued or weren’t aware that it is now available as part of the PINK line of the brand.

Victoria's Secret Swimwear

The New Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits

The look of the new Victoria’s Secret swimsuits is also different. Ditching their signature push up, the new bathing suits are more modern with less padding and structure, targeting a younger crowd. The only thing that remained the same is the sex appeal, just with a different look.

Where to Shop for Swimsuits Now?

The new Victoria’s Secret swimwear is indeed a secret – many of their shoppers still don’t know that it exists or where to find it. Although the new line is cute and sexy and the quality seems to be a step up from their newly disappointing underwear, the selection just isn’t nearly as grand as it used to be. Shoppers this summer are struggling to find a great swimsuit. Many are turning to Asos with their enormous selection, affordable prices and free and easy shipping and returns. However, there are many other brands to replace Victoria’s Secret swimwear with. Some of my favorites are from Maaji, Urban Outfitters, NA-KD and Kopper & Zink as well as Target. I also listed many others below, take a look:


Victoria's Secret Swimwear

Victoria's Secret Swimsuits Alternative

Another Victoria’s Secret Swimsuits Alernative: Platinum Collection Swimsuits