Rompers with Skirt Overlay

Sexy Skirted Romper from Zema Boutique 

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Last week I came across a trend that I completely fell in love with – skirted rompers (aka maxi rompers, rompers with skirt overlay or shorts dress). I always liked rompers because it’s the simplest outfit to throw on and go. It’s also a way to show leg without worrying about your skirt hiking up or flying away 🙂 However, it can be quite a challenge to find a good fit with rompers especially if you have a long torso or wide hips and thick thighs. So when I saw rompers with skirts attached I thought it was the most brilliant thing ever – giving you a bit more coverage while making the outfit more romantic and sexy.
I scouted the Internet, and found quite a few of these pieces which I’d love to share with you. They are selling out fast as this trend is really catching on, so if you see something you like, get it fast!

Maxi Romper Skirt Overlay

1. Floral print  /  2. One Shoulder Black  /  3. White  

4. Black Long Sleeve  /  5. Black Plunge Neck

6. White Sleeveless  /  7. White & Blue Paisley Print  

8. Olive Green  /  9. Soft Pink  /  10. Grey Mauve

Skirted Romper from Morning Lavender

Maxi Romper Skirt Overlay

1. Navy Floral  /  2. Blue Tropical Print  /  3. Yellow Lace

4. Floral Long Sleeve  /  5. Black Lace 

6. Grey  /  7. Striped  /  8. White with Blue Skirt

9. Black Lace Up  /  10. Black Plunge

Maxi Romper Skirt Overlay

1. Black Lace Deep V  /  2. Paisley Print  /  3. White Lace  /  4. Black Lace

5. Navy Long Sleeve  /  6. White Long Sleeve  /  7. Blue Stripe  /  8. Royal Blue

9. Strapless Black  /  10.  Off the Shoulder  /  11. Nude   /  12. Light Paisley Print