Day 8 – The EasilyDressed Challenge

Is it ok to wear biker boots with dresses? Well, we had a huge disagreement about this question last night in The EasilyDressed Group. One lady posted a photo of her outfit for a bar mitzvah celebration, which was immediately criticized by another lady with little sense of tact. The bar mitzvah outfit included a white lacy dress and a pair of biker boots – an unlikely combination for most, yet very suitable for the poster, since she is a hard core tomboy.

After literally hundreds of comments, it was made clear to the tactless criticizer that it is not ok to tear into our group members. I was very proud that so many people stood up to her and supported our poster’s choice of self-expression. However, I was upset by some of the conduct in the group and had to instill some rules in order not to let this happen again.

The main rule in the group is to allow everyone to speak their mind. That, however, does not give one a right to insult other group members. It is a delicate line to balance on, and we will continue to do just that – walk a thin line, in old, beaten up and much loved biker boots 


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Wearing:  Denim Jeggings  /  Moto Boots  /  Black Bucket Bag


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