7 Tips on How to Take a Great Selfie: The EasilyDressed Challenge – Day 19

One skill we’ve all been practicing during this challenge is how to take a great selfie. I can’t always find someone to snap a picture of me, so over the year I learned a few tips to help me capture my outfit all by myself. Scroll below for 7 ways to take a great picture of yourself. If you have other tricks you know of, please share them with us in The EasilyDressed Group.

Here’s How To Take a Great Selfie:

1. Take a lot of shots.

And by a lot I mean a few dozen. Press and hold the shutter button to take photos in bursts (continuesly) and move slightly, adjusting your posture and facial expression as the camera clicks away. You are guaranteed to catch at least one great shot!

2. Hold the phone in your right arm raised a bit, as far away from your face as you can.

Click the shutter using the volume keys on the side of your phone pressing the button with you index finger. If you have a good frontal camera, use it, but don’t look at the screen – look into the lens.

3. Lighting and time of the day.

Not enough light is a problem when it comes to taking pictures, and so is too much light. Best time for taking photos is morning or late afternoon, when sun is not directly overhead. Always try to use natural daylight. However, if there is too much or not enough light, better step into a shady area or go inside and use electric light instead.

4. Try using the timer.

If you can, prop your phone up and put it on the timer. It is easier to focus on looking your best in a picture when you don’t have to constantly click the shutter.

5. Sit Down. Lay Down.

If you are trying to take an outfit selfie, shooting overhead can be very tricky. Instead, sit down and stretch your legs in front of you. Your legs will look longer and your outfit will be much easier to capture that way. Also try laying down when shooting a selfie – your hair will drape around your face beautifully and gravity will pull on your skin to make you look slimmer πŸ˜‰

6. Don’t try to get it all.

Don’t try to fit your entire person into a selfie. If it not working, simply opt out for a pretty detail shot, showcasing your bag and shoes or the pretty colors of your outfit.

7. Throw on some shades.

Let’s face it, beauty shots can be unnerving. You get to see all your imperfections staring right back at you in the camera, and you have to smile and look happy while doing so. On days when I look less than perfect, sunglasses are my saviors. Here’s a few pairs that are known to look great on camera:

Selfie of the day:


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