Winter Outfits: Cold Weather Survival Guide

Winter Outfits Soia & Kyo Viktoria Coat

After three years of motherhood, I feel like I’ve finally nailed this whole “staying warm during the winter” concept. Once you spend long enough time freezing your butt at playgrounds, you figure out how to create practical and warm winter outfits. I have several essentials that I keep on hand during the cold months that help me survive chilly days, blizzards and miserable winds we have here in New York. I would like to share them with you, read below!

Winter Outfits Soia & Kyo Viktoria Coat

1. Accessories

You know you have become an adult when you put a hat on without your mother telling you to do so 😉 I’ve definitely crossed over into adulthood because I’d rather a messed up hair do than an ear infection! Here’s a few tips on choosing your winter accessories:

  • Look for a hat with wool content like the hat with a furry pompom by Soia & Kyo in the picture above.
  • A wool scarf will also keep you warm but, if you go with an acrylic one, be sure to choose a scarf that’s densely knit. The scarf with pockets in the picture above is acrylic yet super warm!
  • As an alternative to hats, I love wool turbans by Eugenia Kim. They keep my ears protected, and look cute without messing up the hair.
  • Another thing I recently discovered is a pair of tech gloves that actually work – for those of us using smartphones on the go. Now I can type up these posts while outside without freezing my fingers off! 🙂
  • Do wear sunglasses in the winter! You might think eyewear is for beach days, but our eyes need protection year round. Glimmering snow will make you squint much more than any sunny summer day. I chose these oversized sunglasses which look super cute with hats and keep my eyes protected from the elements.


Winter Outfits Head Turban Eugenia Kim Lula

2. Warm tights and sweater dresses

I’m a big fan of sweater dresses and tunics because wearing pants all winter definitely gets boring. But how do you wear them without freezing your legs?

Look for fleece lined tights or leggings. A company called Plush makes a great selection of fleece lined bottoms including moto leggings, tights, liquid leggings and an assortment of cute warm socks. A popular hosiery brand Hue also makes similar styles, less expensive but just as practical. One of my essentials for the winter are Hue black fleece lined leggings (which aren’t see through!) as well as denim jeggings, also with a fleece lining. Scroll through the items below to see the ones I recommend.

3. Moisturize

Does your skin feel more dry during the winter? The cold temperatures outside and the heaters indoors, which create low humidity, can leave your hands, lips and face feeling drained of moisture. Here are some of my go-to products to nourish skin during the cold months.


On top of my usual routine, I use two products to keep my skin hydrated in the winter. I apply Maracuja Oil before leaving the house to protect my face from the cold and keep it nourished despite the elements. I also do a hydrating mask called Drink Up by Origins at least once a week. This mask is amazing and you can literally see your dry skin “drinking up” or absorbing it as soon as you apply it.

Cold Weather Beauty Tips - Tarte Maracuja Oil Review


I’ve tried dozens of different lotions and I keep coming back to the one by Herbacin which has chamomile and glycerin as active ingredients. The lotion contains no parabins, isn’t greasy and really leaves my hands feeling soft. A close second is L’Occitane but I prefer the Herbacin lotion’s texture more.




aI’ve also tried many different lip products and nothing works better than good old Medicated Carmex. A more expensive alternative is Sugar by Fresh, which makes a whole assortment of tinted lip balms. They are great, but don’t really justify their cost. However, Fresh does make an amazing polishing lip scrub that lifts all the dead skin and makes your mouth look soft and smooth. This lip scrub is one of my staples during the winter.

Winter Outfits Soia & Kyo Viktoria Coat Wedge Boots

Wearing: Coat  //  Scarf  //  Hat  //  Sunglasses  //  Leggings  //  Nine West boots – similar here


4. Boots.

A boot with shearling or sheepskin lining will save your toes from feeling the cold. However, it’s really difficult to find boots with genuine fur lining (you can see some options here) and those that you do find can cost an arm an a leg. So instead, I’ve learned a handy trick: Always size up when buying winter footwear in order to add a sheepskin insole! Let me tell you, it makes all the difference! I purchase UGG insoles (on sale here) and add them to most of my boots now so my feet are never cold! The best thing I’ve also added a sheepskin insole to my Sorel snowboots so  I can spend hours playing in the snow with my son while my feet stay dry and warm.

5. Coats.

You should have at least one waterproof coat in your wardrobe to keep you dry when it snows. Other than that, play around with outwear and layers. With heavy duty parkas you can wear a simple shell by Under Armour. You can pair a trendy teddy coat with a cashmere sweater. And you can layer a chunky sweater with a boxy wool coat. Scroll below for some ideas on how to style these looks and read This Post for tips on how to select outwear.


Left – Teddy Coat Winter Outfits:

Beige Teddy Coat  //  Pink Sweater  //  Moncler Sheepskin Boots  //  White Bow Sweater

Tweed Bucket Bag  //  Red Teddy Coat

Right – Sporty Casual Winter Outfits

Salmon Underarmour Long Sleeve  //  Black Puffer  //  Mackage Jacket (on sale!)

Babes Supporting Babes Sweatshirt  //  Green Velvet Timberland Boots  //  Green Under Armour Zip Up


Classy Style Winter Outfits

Check Coat  //   Grey Cashmere Sweater  //  Pink Coat  //  Red Sweater

Burgundy Bag  //  Wine Coat  //  Fleece Lined Leggings  //  Black Wrap Coat


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