Where to Buy Fur Lined Boots for Cold Weather

Fur Lined Boots Sheepskin Boots UGG Australia Bearpaw

UGG look-a-like Bearpaw Sheepskin Boots – same comfort, third of the price!!


The cold weather is here! I take out all of my fur lined boots as soon as there is a hint of chill in the air! Some think that UGG Australia is the only brand for warm winter boots, but there are actually many companies that make footwear cozy enough for the cold season. If you like to keep your feet toasty, scroll below for deals on fur lined boots!


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Steve Madden Lift Faux Fur Sneakers

Faux Fur Lined Boots

If you love the furry look but also conscious of the environment, there are plenty of faux fur options to choose from. Substituting real fur for faux doesn’t always mean giving up on warmth – synthetic wool and sherpa lining can be just as cozy.

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Ugg Australia Bethany Sheepskin Fur Lined Boots Sneakers
Timberland-looking UGG Australia Fur Lined Boots

UGG Australia & Other Sheepskin Fur Lined Boots

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a heated online debate about UGGs. The two sides were arguing about whether these iconic sheepskin boots are hideous or not. Regardless of how you feel about the look, the minute you put our feet inside your very first pair of UGG Australia boots you become a believer. “It’s like walking on clouds” – said my husband, the forefather of UGG nay-Sayers, who was gifted a pair of UGGs last Chrismas 😉 The secret is to wear them barefoot – as they were originally wore by surfers in Australia when they originally came about. This way your feet aren’t cold yet not too hot. Sheepskin footwear has come a long way since then. Besides the well known and sometimes hated classic boot there are now numerous styles from slippers (on sale here) to heeled knee high boots that you can choose from. Take a look below:

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Schutz Fur Trimmed Boots
Schutz Fur Trimmed Boots

Fur Trimmed Boots

You can always opt out for a fur trimmed boot if a full fur style is too much for you. A little furry detail on your footwear would be a cute touch on a brisk late Fall day. Here are some options to choose from.

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Sorel Joan of Arc Snow Boots
Struggling through snow in my Sorel Snow Boots.

Bad Weather Snow Winter Boots

Every New Yorker knows that on some days during the cold season it is easier to take your shoes with you rather than wear them. Here we get rain, wind, snow and everything in between. The most important thing on those days is to keep your feet dry and prevent them from freezing. Check out some boot options for those cold wet and snowy winter days below.

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