12 Things I Learned From New York Fashion Week

10 Things I Learned from New York Fashion Week Irina Vitjaz SS18

My Look at New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is always quite an experience. All the planning, praying, pleading and preparing finally come together and culminate in a stylish outburst for just one short week. Then, life is back to normal, except in the back of your mind you are still replaying those incredibly eventful days. This wasn’t my first time at New York Fashion Week. Unlike the previous seasons when I spent most of the day stressing and obsessing over my outfit and how well my runway photos came out, this time I was able to relax, enjoy and get a good look around me. And I picked up on quite a few things.

Here’s 12 Things I Learned from New York Fashion Week:

Show stopping Jumpsuit at Irina Vitjaz Runway

1. Anyone can get in.

You know how a millionaire can be sitting next to an average guy on a New York City subway? Same thing happens at fashion week. I found myself sitting front row along with Paris Hilton and Katie Holmes at the Lan Yu Couture show, and by no means am I on the same level!!!ย There is no way to buy a ticket to NYFW shows, they are invite only. But it isn’t impossible to get in, you just have to ask the right people the right question.

There is a lot of emails being exchanged before the event. Bloggers, buyers and photographers are contacting brands and PR agencies to request invitations to the shows. Labels reach out to influencers and their best clients to invite them to attend their runways. If you want to be a part of this, get to writing.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You have to be with the industry.
  • Figure out when and where the shows are happening.
  • Then figure out the right people to contact to request and invitation.
  • Be professional.
  • Have something to offer, be it your audience, your clientele or your publicity.
  • Alternatively, find someone who has an invite with a +1 ๐Ÿ˜‰
If you aren’t able to get into the main venue on your first try, don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of independent shows you can attend and you can find them through Eventbrite or social media. For those new in the industry, smaller shows are a great way to build relationships, expand following and learn about covering a runway.

10 Things I learned during New York Fashion Week Dan Liu India de Beaufort

India de Beuafort before the Dan Liu Show.

2. Stay Humble

I was just sitting down to watch the Dan Liu show when someone took a seat next to me at the edge of the bench. She was impeccably dressed and her hat was the most divine thing I’ve ever seen. She asked me if I could make a bit more room for her in such a humble and polite voice and of course I scooted over. Few minutes later someone grabbed her for an interview and it turned out she was actress India de Beaufort. It is amazing how down to earth everyone is, not at all the cold cut throat fashion world they picture on tv!

Reposted from SmileIsItย – Yana and I at the RewardStyle Party

3. Make Friends

Fashion week is a one of a kind opportunity to meet the most incredible people. It’s where the introvert in me struggles. Networking is one of the most intimidating worlds in the English vocabulary to me. But then I realize I’m in a room full of other introverts and it gets a little easier ๐Ÿ˜‰
Take this opportunity to meet your online friends in real life. This is how Yana from SmileIsIt and I met last season. This time around we got to spend three fun days together filled with fashion, gramosas, taking pictures and lot of walking in high heels.

4. Be quick

Another blogger I met with was Tali Kogan from Tel Aviv Couture. Tali struck me as an incredible person. In one day she managed to fly in from Boston, attend several shows, do a session with a photographer and fly back home the next day. When we arrived at Hakan Akkaya show on Monday, I watched with admiration how in just a few minutes she managed to get our picture taken, edited, instagramed and then tuned in to broadcast the show live. It was so cool to see how fast and professional she was and I quickly picked up on the pace you needed to follow. Things happen quickly – queues move through the gallery entrance, seats open up to bump up your standing invite to a closer seat, models walk down the runway really fast – and you have to be there for it all!!

Gigi Hadid strutting in one sandal down the Anna Sui Runway during New York Fashion Week SS18


5. Walk it off

Mishaps happen. Just look at Gigi Hadid who lost her shoe on Anna Sui runway. It’s all about how you recover from your failures. You can fumble and stay down or you can get up and take advantage of the attention you brought on yourself. Don’t let something negative keep you down for too long. No failure is ever that great.

Tinkerbelle the Dog in front of the entrance to New York Fashion Week

6. Bring Business Cards

I learned an invaluable lesson from this pup right here. This is Tinkerbell the Dog and I learned it because her human gave me her business card after I took her picture. Have a ton of cards with you, preferably with a snapshot, and always hand your card to photographers if they take a picture. If they have your name and a way to tag you, they are more likely to feature you!


8. Prepare to be uncomfortable

There is gonna be a lot of walking and even more standing. You will be spending plenty of time in lines, taking pictures and marching from place to place. Prepare to be on your feet the entire day! And dress adequately. On my last day, some madness tempted me to wear over the knee boots. The temperature went all the way up to 80s that day and my comfortable, most favorite boots turned into torture devices. However, the sneakers pictured above, which I wore on the second day, were pure blessing. You can totally ditch the heels for fashion week. And if you are going to more than two shows in one day, I recommend you do so!


9. Stand Out

Another tip I picked up from Tali Kogan on her previous trips to New York Fashion Week is to wear white. The lighting on the runway will light you up and make you stand out. And don’t worry about wearing white after Labor Day, it’s just another silly fashion rule. If you want to stand out, create your own rules!

10. Be Picture Perfect

If you are going to draw attention, be ready for it. A fly outfit must be accompanied by immaculate appearance. You must keep in mind that snoopy bloggers like me can take a picture of you anytime, from any angle. So be ready for it and dare to stand out!

10 Things I learned during New York Fashion Week Photographers

11. Watch the show.

Fashion shows are a psychiatrist’s worst nightmare. People are glued to their phones, there is ridiculous amount of narcissistic behavior going on and guests are barely clapping during final walk because their hands are too busy live streaming. But hey, we’re just doing our jobs! Or are we? While watching the incredibly beautiful show by Francesca Libertore and struggling to capture the elegantly dreamy collection I remembered what my wedding photographer told me before our big day – “let us take the pictures and let the guests enjoy their time”. You can always ask PR to send you professional photos from the event. What you should focus on is the experience and the clothes. So, unless you are at the front of the runway behind a lens, take a few moments to put down your phone and look around – at the clothes on the catwalk, at the ambiance, and at the other guests. You don’t want to miss anything!

12. You already made it

I sat front row at almost every show together with other bloggers. And all of them said at one point – I feel like someone’s gonna come and ask me to move to the back. And I said No, honey, they won’t. This is your seat, you belong here. These are your people, your industry. You are just as good as anyone here and better than 90% of those who are not. You worked hard, you are smart and you earned it. Here you are, in the spot where millions of gals wish they’d be. Now sit your butt down comfortably and enjoy the show. You already made it.ย 

New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Hakan Akkaya

Hakan Akkaya New York Fashion Week SS18


New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Irina Vitjaz

Irina Vitjaz New York Fashion Week SS18


New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Francesca Liberatore

Francesca Liberatore New York Fashion Week SS18


New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Dan Liu

Dan Liu New York Fashion Week SS18


New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Anna Sui

Anna Sui New York Fashion Week SS18

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New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Mimi Prober

Mimi Prober New York Fashion Week Ss18


New York Fashion Week NYFW SS18 Lan Yu

Lan Yu New York Fashion Week SS18